Saturday, March 31, 2012

i promise you

i will always love you :)

even though we are just Dogs - we are Dogs in Love

i present to you a gift (it's just a weed but i chose it) - so Come with Me

and I Shall Never let You down - oh, is that a weed for me? why thanks!

and you must always remember - My Heart IS Yours


i will Always Always Always LOVE You - We are ONE

(even though we are actually two dogs, love conquers all)

Friday, March 30, 2012


amongst the spring foilage

in my quiet, leafy backyard

I stepped carefully, in felt shoes,

into the fray of battle

for there was a contentious issue exploding

there were many, many streets to cover, many doors to slip inside,

and he only had 4 legs and 4 paws and 1 basket!

- so could Mrs W.Pecker just face the facts and accept the truth that Fake-Laying-Eggs are NOT chocolate covered - I repeat NOT chocolate covered ........ !!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekly Challenge Winner for March 18-24

Curated by Peylu and featuring Intres, Quercus Silver, 88 Editions, Sarah Robin, Anna Lela, Sarah Giannobile, Ciaffi, Marble, RedorGrayArt, Best Art Studios 2, JK Photography, Lovely Home Idea, Niu Taller

Up-cycled treasure

Find something someone's tossed away, pick up a cool rock, get an idea, make a piece of art. Then build a business around it. That's what these creatives are doing...

Paulaart for example, using cast off metal pipe and scrap to create everything from vases and flowers, to napkin rings and clocks

or LizzieJoeDesigns, where Jennifer knows just what to do with those pesky wine corks that just keep piling up around the house...

How about being able to see something new in something old like these up-cycled dresses put together by Jana at MyFairMaiden?

or find something tossed aside and make it your canvas as you'll find Fleur doing at NYhop.

Pey and Anatol, at folkARTvision find all kinds of bits and pieces to fashion their heartfelt assemblages.

and here's a beautiful use of something that often goes unnoticed underfoot. Elaine of RedorGrayArt, takes rocks and creates beautiful stone paperweights embellished with twine.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is practiced here!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


delicate little creatures that mother nature has created to make this world more beautiful

Butterfly, Birds and Flower Purse

Gently flapping it's thin wings,

A butterfly lands upon my fingers,
And upon a soft breeze it leaves,
Yet it's delicate presence lingers.
Rayne Goddard

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fire and Ice

one of my favourite books is Ice Station Zebra by Alistair MacLean

I was glued to the pages until the end and I still have it on my bookshelf in my 'permanent collection of great reads'. Infact after I finish writing this post I shall go and dust it off ...

In the world of subterfuge, amongst the Arctic Ice - trust is weak and suspicion is strong

- perhaps I shall make a mini diorama with my old tatty novel, and put this Vintage Still of Ice Station Zebra behind it

and draped over my well thumbed novel I shall place this beautiful Frozen Pearl necklace

because it reminds me of precious droplets of oil, left over from the fiery sabotage

and then to the right hand side of my scene I shall place this Watchful All Seeing Robin

because even amongst the battering ice spicules, someone was watching, and waiting ...

and no matter how suspicious you are, and who you suspect as the saboteur, you can't show it incase you endanger your own mission,

so it's best to carry this Key Ring and Cheer the Hell Up!

I would place this key ring on a small hook at the top left of my diorama, falling over my vintage still

and whatever you do, don't give your game away,

put on a slightly happy face as you try to read the other not-so-happy-faces and before long you will flush the prey out!
(not that anyone is fooled by a small smile, but spying is all politics isn't it?)

and to finish off my Ice Station Arctic diorama I will have this Happy Cup of Coffee photo on the left side of my display

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tumblr for Beginners, Part 3

Meow, glad to see you, let me show you
how to do a tumblr collage post
just like the one below.

First, you need to have your images and links ready, so
my mom helped me picked out 8 pretty things.( listings )

We got three things from every listing,
1) the image
2) listing link
3) shop name

This is our list,
Once you have the list, the rest is simple,
you click photo in dashboard and get this window.

Keep clicking ( add another photo) until you have
all the photos loaded, add a source link,
we chose the imteam account's favorites as our link
for this collage, we then added all the shop names
under tags, clicked save and voilà.

Mom liked my collage so much, she reblogged

This concludes the tumblr for beginners 3 part series,
if you have any question, like how to post a treasury on tumblr
or how to do a text post, ask away and I'll try my best to help you.
Happy Tumblring !
Miki Cat.
p.s. here's part 1 and part 2

Monday, March 19, 2012

accentuate your best points

and ignore your not so hot points

beautiful long ears?
show them off with a short, becoming neck warmer

(and keep those untrimmed nails under the snow, or leaves or spring grasses)

svelte sexy pins?
show them off with a flirty chic skirt

(and keep those long ears under a sassy hat)

shapely slender neck?
show it off with caramel spring blooms

(and keep those untrimmed nails in your pockets, and wear a hat to hide your long ears)

beautiful long ears, svelte sexy pins and shapely slender necks?
show them off with this beautiful fabric stitched into something chic and becoming

(and if your nails get caught on the loose threads, then don't trim the threads - do your nails instead
- loose threads are trendy - haven't your big ears heard?)

*hoping that everyone sees the funny side of this - even the doggeh :)

Weekly Challenge Winner for March 11-17

Featuring Lighthearted Dreamer, Two Sad Donkeys, JKW Jewelry, Sarah RobinL, ArtisanieEurope, LouisestArt, Blue Sky Pottery

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I love Red

I love red. Its a color that is intense and can brighten up any room decor or any outfit. It reminds me of Christmas like MollyHeyer's red star.

Intres has this cute little red heart with two gorgeous green birds - memories of Valentines day.

What a fun way to keep your change in Brandas little red knitted purse - smiles from childhood.

A beautiful vision in this black, red and white floral dress from melaniegracedesigns - dress it up just right for a party.

Of course team it up with a statement necklace in scarlet red made by vart.

Iomiss has created these gorgeous red tube earrings in white coral and red czech glass to adorn your ears.

Red - Ruby - Scarlet - Crimson - Maroon - Rosy - Flame - Cherry - whatever you like to call it Red is Beautiful.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


friends fly in at the drop of a hat

share their tales in a heart to heart

- I love the 3 friends here on this heart dish! love love love!

they enjoy a cup of tea, or two or three

- nothing nicer than sharing a cup of delicious tea with your friends, mind though, the biscuits went fast!

the day more enjoyable and your smile lasts longer :)

make some new friends - have them fly in today ....

Friday, March 16, 2012


soon it will be time for

bugs with wings

to fill the warm air with busyness

and partake in a lil' love at the same time

so that there can be more bugs with wings next year ...

(want bugs for your walls that won't fly away? - stop by mlm for some xoxo )