Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Up-cycled treasure

Find something someone's tossed away, pick up a cool rock, get an idea, make a piece of art. Then build a business around it. That's what these creatives are doing...

Paulaart for example, using cast off metal pipe and scrap to create everything from vases and flowers, to napkin rings and clocks

or LizzieJoeDesigns, where Jennifer knows just what to do with those pesky wine corks that just keep piling up around the house...

How about being able to see something new in something old like these up-cycled dresses put together by Jana at MyFairMaiden?

or find something tossed aside and make it your canvas as you'll find Fleur doing at NYhop.

Pey and Anatol, at folkARTvision find all kinds of bits and pieces to fashion their heartfelt assemblages.

and here's a beautiful use of something that often goes unnoticed underfoot. Elaine of RedorGrayArt, takes rocks and creates beautiful stone paperweights embellished with twine.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is practiced here!


  1. Fantastic! Love all the recycling and upcycling going on here - thank-you for featuring my handpainted purse and boots

  2. love it! thank you for including me with these creatives :) and totally loving the new font on the blog header. good job!

  3. this is a fun collection of repurposed items... thanks so much for including my simple stones!!

  4. Yes, Betsy, we are surrounded here by found stuff......
    Thanks for the inclusion.
    Beautifully put together !
    Pey and Anatol

  5. Love love love!! it feels so good to extend the life of otherwise tossed and lost objects and give them a new meaning! these are magnificent creative examples!! love it , Betsy!