Thursday, September 29, 2011

Treasury Challenge Winner- " Looking Through"

Hi Everyone!

Thank you to all that participated in the last challenge "Outside my window"....I loved what everyone came up with. My favorite treasury was by just stood out to me (:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Equinox" - Treasury Challenge winner

I enjoyed looking at this week's challenge treasuries and I really liked many of them. I selected Olga's. María

Saturday, September 24, 2011

the Real Studio Managers - 6. Emma, Porter and the feathers

This is part 6 of a series showing the REAL managers behind the artists of the In the Making team on etsy

Please meet IMteam member Debra from Debra Glanz and Reminiscence Papers with her 24 studio managers keeping her more than busy ..

however beagle Emma sees things a little differently ....

not long after young Emma came to stay and put Porter in his place (he makes quite a nice step!), she decided that Debra needed only one main manager - the rest would be put in their place

yup! says Emma, I mean - what can 6 chickens do better than me? just look at them - all over the place, scatter brains!

surely you can see by my calm, serious demeanour that I mean business?

and besides, Debra said she likes to hear the chickens and quail from her studio as she works so I make sure they produce some noise - works best when I make them move fast ...

and Debra likes to have eggs for breakfast.
Plus those spare feathers could find a spot in her etsy shop, I've been keeping my eyes open for interesting bits to fill it up with, I've seen what she has in there.

and there are 16 of these tiny feathered balls getting under my paws all the time!

but they do make nice noises too, especially when I make them move fast as well ...

and talk about egg production!
these are the only 2 eggs they have ever produced and it took a month for them to arrive! they aren't even paved in gold
just as well Debra is not selling eggs from her shop

sure is hard work making those feather-heads cluck!
zzzzzz ....

oh! I forgot, this one has to be herded as well, but there is less clucking coming from it.
... say! don't those arms look like the ones in Debra's shop? hmmmm

well, that was a tiring day, and I didn't even get a nibble of the omlette!

Hey Porter! don't hog the whole bed - I'm the one who's been working all day ... zzzzzzz

Same time next month - meet more of the REAL managers doing REAL work!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Spring has just arrived in the South! Warmer days to swim in the beach, lovely flowers all over, the scent of roses of the soap, so delicious! Even the baby hare decided to get dressed in pink roses printed cotton!

Time to dress our homes with beautiful colors and enjoy the prettiest season of the year!!

Get inspired with these lovely items from IMTEAM members!

Top row from left to right:  Linnea Heide; The Joy of Color
Bottom row from left to right: Olive and Oud; Dragon House of Yuen

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steampunk Goodness.

Wouldn't you love this Jean Paul Gaultier coat to accompany you on your airship travels?
I sure as hell would :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Colourful Existence

IMTeam Colour Agenda

August 29th, Think Pink Monday
August 30th, Mellow Yellow Tuesday
August 31th, See Green Wednesday
September 1st, Violet Thursday
September 2nd, Coppertone Friday
September 3rd, Fade to Black Saturday
September 4th, Scarlet Sunday
September 5th, Celadon Monday
September 6th, Rusty Tueday
September 7th, Teal Wednesday
September 8th, Mocha Thursday
September 9th, Saffron Friday
September 10th, Cedar Saturday
September 11th, Crimson Sunday
September 12th, Navy Monday
September 13th, Bubble Gum Tuesday
September 14th, Eggplant Wednesday
September 15th, Precious Metal Thursday
September 16th, Nougat Friday
September 17th, Orchid Hush Saturday
more to come...... stay tuned.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting warm for the Autumn

These beautiful artworks from IM team members will bring that warm and cozy feeling to our homes during the Autumn.
Do not forget to visit their shops for much more!

Top row from left to right:: ARTISANIEeurope, kimhambricart
Bottom row from left to right: PaulaArt, MaisonPaulette

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Transitions" Treasury Challenge winner

All kinds of beautiful lists this week, but Sarah's just grabbed me. Thank you to all who participated! It's neat to see all the different interpretations. Happily, Katie :D

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spotlight Interview with Annette Tait

This month's interview is with artist Annette of dragonhouseofyuen on etsy. If you read her shop's profile page, you'll discover that she grew up in Maamba, Zambia, and Darwin in the humid tropical Northern Territory of  Australia, as well as the wild Scottish Highlands. Currently she resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

I asked Annette if she would mind sharing a few more details about her life before Scotland…

I’m Australian / Scottish.

 I lived in Zambia for 6 years, (5yrs to 11yrs old) then in '81 we emigrated to Australia, finished school there, I joined the Army, went to Uni at night to study Russian, then in '96 moved back to Scotland.

 So my outlook is more Australian than Scottish and my friends are all over there. I sure miss there too!

Our interview follows, hope you enjoy it and Annette's work!

Tell me something about where you currently live.

I live in a tiny old flat in Edinburgh, Scotland, with my two rescue rabbits Arabella and Wesley. We are a stone's throw from the North Sea and 10 minutes drive from Edinburgh Castle.

                                                      Her rabbits always seem to be multiplying...

Do you have a “day job” or do you work at your art full time?

ha ha! this is my day job! not necessarily by choice, but by circumstance. I have been lucky to have had fantastic generous customers!! thank you all!!

                                                             Arabella & Wesley Rabbit Bags

Have you had formal art training, or are you self-taught?

Yes, when I was in the Australian Army I trained as an Illustrator Reprographic - Army speak for 'graphic designer'. Mind, though, this was way back in the days before computers and everything was done by hand! 
All the rest - the stitching and sewing and mending and sticking and watercolours and all that, is all self taught.

Ok, that response piqued my curiosity, so she elaborated a bit...

After I finished my illus repro course I was posted to the School of Military Engineering where I drew mines and booby traps, tanks and bridges all day long for the Engineer instructors there! After a couple of years it wasn't enough stimulation for my brain so I transferred to Intelligence Corps! (I was also putting myself thru night school in Russian Language).

Where does your inspiration come from?

I'm inspired by animals and nature. And the biggest inspiration for the way I write my stories comes from the exceptional animal communicator Amelia Kinkade. She changed my life after I read her books and took her workshop.
                                                           Brown hare original watercolor

In what ways do you market your work?

I have always struggled with this concept of marketing, but I get lovely feedback from my customers that brings tears to my eyes and I get touching emails out of the blue from people who have connected with my work, so I think I may be doing something right. I love to blog the best, as it combines writing with lots of pictures.

                                In a recent blog post, Annette and "the gang" peruse a particularly riviting magazine article 

If you haven’t yet had the treat of reading Annette’s blog, I urge you to check it out. You’ll find you’ll leave with a smile on your face!

What is the biggest challenge you face in your work, and how do you manage it?

To keep an even momentum going. I do things in spats, whereas I could be more productive if I operated like a factory production line. But then again, that would take the spontaneity out of my work. And in spontaneity you get diversity and new ideas. I have to push myself to complete tasks, so that is good, making my own deadlines.
                                                                        personality plus!

What do you do for fun when you’re not in the studio?

For fun? hmmm, well I go the gym 6 days a week and train with weights (a little like body building) and to me that is great fun! I love the free weights and the loud, loud music blasting away! 
and on a quieter note I love to visit the country side and animal watch.

You can visit Annette here: