Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tumblr for Beginners, Part 3

Meow, glad to see you, let me show you
how to do a tumblr collage post
just like the one below.

First, you need to have your images and links ready, so
my mom helped me picked out 8 pretty things.( listings )

We got three things from every listing,
1) the image
2) listing link
3) shop name

This is our list,
Once you have the list, the rest is simple,
you click photo in dashboard and get this window.

Keep clicking ( add another photo) until you have
all the photos loaded, add a source link,
we chose the imteam account's favorites as our link
for this collage, we then added all the shop names
under tags, clicked save and voilà.

Mom liked my collage so much, she reblogged

This concludes the tumblr for beginners 3 part series,
if you have any question, like how to post a treasury on tumblr
or how to do a text post, ask away and I'll try my best to help you.
Happy Tumblring !
Miki Cat.
p.s. here's part 1 and part 2


  1. Thank you so much Pey! I want to learn this!

  2. I don't really understand the advantage of tumblr.
    If you look at the collage on tumbler and click on each image, you don't get any info or links to who the artist is or where to find their work. It seems to strip out any link or connection to the original creator of the image. So what's the advantage?

    1. Susan, it improves the overall visibility to put it simply.
      For a longer explanation, see this thread,
      As for the links, I see your point, we recently switched to a theme that does not show caption more than a single line, so if you reblog our post, you will find all the links visible.
      We will change to another theme that will support caption and links better very shortly. This really only happens with multiple images ( collage). With single post, you will find the links and shop links are all there and working well.

  3. Great post, Pey! is good to learn to use tumblr, it's such a visual media, thank you!!

  4. Excellent explanation! Thank you very much for share! :-)