Monday, January 30, 2012

what lies beneath .....

my work space sometimes overflows to all available horizontal surfaces and that includes photo shoots of my latest beasties

and yet I have to be careful how I tread because my real-life living breathing beastie Wesley now resides under my chair. His decision, I have no say and no, he won't budge if he doesn't feel like it! that's rabbits for you :)

have rabbit - will adapt

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Color My World

Color evokes many emotions, changes a mood or a feeling of a room from warmth, serenity, purity to sophistication.

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for bright, cheery colors. Somehow they make you feel happy with the world - how could you be sad and gloomy with these sweet little felted wool bowls by hold sitting on your table with all your treasures inside.

With Valentines Day close what a fun and romantic way to say "I love you" with these two little fabric lovebirds sitting on a bright green felt heart by Intres.

Can you imagine your little girl dancing around the house with these perfect ballet flat slippers by la la shoes in bright orange, yellow and orange. Happy feet I say!!

If you are like me I love to wrap gifts in classic brown kraft paper with brightly colored paper ribbons by PaperPhine, and I know the recipient will love it too.

So next time you are feeling a little down in the dumps and unhappy with the world - add a little cheery color and you will be smiling again in no time :)

Grouping Busyness......

Loving this simple yet intricately detailed painting of Mr and Mrs Cardinal by Cynthia from CynArt!

and I would envisage displaying it on a white walled background for maximum impact

and because I love my art to make a real statement I would make a mini display around it - just like walking past your very own MoMA exhibition - and why not?

who says you can't have mini exhibits in your own home - I do! I have rather a few of them infact

so I would have a scattering of these gorgeous wood spools from Debra of Reminiscence Papers, underneath Mr and Mrs on an old wooden side table

and behind those spools I would have some of these beautiful tactile metal pots by Paula from Paula Art,

I'm seeing some of my watercolour brushes in one of them, my wooden pencil collection in another and the third one?

hmmm, what could I put in there?

maybe some of my twigs (yes, I have a small twig collection too!) and the twigs would highlight those in Cythia's painting very nicely!

and because humour is essential, especially when a congregation of busyness is concerned,

a little smile will go to show that you don't take yourself too seriously -

so I would be having this little mister by Debra from Reminiscence Papers infront of my whole display,
sitting nicely atop his vintage brass printers type thoughts of action!
because as any rabbit caregiver knows - they can sleep longer than cats, play feistier than most dogs, and will hop only when they feel like it!
(and that made me smile when I saw it! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012


January is still cold, winter usually hits hardest around now,

and walking is rarely a saunter, more a brisk stride, so when you venture out .....

wear your little stepping out pony necklace to keep pace with you

colourful Horse necklace by Cris from Iomiss

and because an important thought can come at any time, don't forget your neat, handy note book

and a bag to hold your thoughts, plus those interesting twigs and cones too, that will look so nice on your side table by the window ...

and because the beauty outside lasts only for a short while before mother nature changes her mind and her coat,

take a little of it inside with you and find the perfect spot to put this beautiful winter photo by Pat from Photogenic Gallery

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's All in the Details

Sarah Giannobile's abstract art deserves a closer look. From a distance, pleasing compositions, balanced color creates a lovely impression. But do get up close and personal and you'll experience a completely different world...

" I use my imagination as a tool to opening up my experiences that once were forgotten."- Sarah

Check out more of Sarah's work at!

Monday, January 23, 2012

i HEART me

it's never too late to start hearting the most important person in your life -


Celebrate all the things about you and wear your heart where everyone can see it -
em, not on your sleeve, but on your chest!

Loving this amber heart pendant by im team member Dreams Factory

and with your heart on view, make sure that you dress in something that makes you feel great!

I really have my eyes on this fiesty stylish dungarees! Check out the tabs by the ankles - likin' that touch big time!
This sexy jumpsuit is by Echo from YY Studio

and to finish off your look, and have some extra chains on you should you spot another heart that you'd like to chain next to yours -

then wear these tres chic earrings by im team member Erin from H2O

(only joking about chaining the heart up! hearts will settle anywhere there is plenty of love don't you know :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Inside Outside

The art we display at home should reflect who we are, what we love, how we feel

~ I love this collage with a wax seal by Kelly and can see it on my wall ~

and the kind of attire we step out in should also compliment our tastes

~ I would love to wear this bold, organic porcelain black and brown ring by Monica ~

and our clothes should be as brave as our art and jewellery
~ I love this 'renewal' halter top with ponies on it by Kelly ~

your art pieces should bring you joy when you look at them and make you feel good inside

~ loving the intricate detail on this solar etching of a branch by Kelly, though perhaps being a 'solar etching' it is really 'art by sun'! ~

and there should never be a hesitation to wear what pleases you, any day, any time, any place

~ I would love to step out with a big smile if I had these swallows chasing bugs on my pins! a beautiful unique skirt by Yuliya~

clothes, like your art pieces, should be a celebration of your soul!

~ and I love that the swallow skirt comes with a neck garnishing of more agile fliers! again, by Yuliya ~

the great thing about wearing items you love is that you can choose some amazing pieces out there that will definitely wow passers-by!

~ so don't forget your ears (if you adorn them too), love these handmade porcelain stars by Monica, which are a perfect touch to go with the ponies and swallows ~

and when you are just about to walk out of your hallway and close the door to your little piece of heaven

~ give a thanks and a smile as you appreciate yourself and your home, I love this leaf on handmade paper by Kelly, and that it once enjoyed the sun's rays as you are about to now ~

because it's always best to display art and dress the way you love the most - the way that makes you smile, feel happy and makes your soul sing!

many thanks to In the Making team members
Kelly from 88Editions
Yuliya from YuliyaWimmerlin
Monica from NiuTaller
Kelly from KellyEmeraldHart

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pheathers + Fotos = Fab!

Art looks best when it compliments it's surroundings and it's fellow art pieces

be brave and mix

- mix the pastel blues and sparrow painting with the

contemplative photo of the perfect spot to 'zen out'

mix this into the display too -

a watercolour of a blue bird looking wistfully over his shoulder (did you rustle the bag of biscuits?)
(it's a greeting card and perfect for framing!)

and add in these real life branches of hearts and rain drops, that he is resting on

bringing out the light perfectly in both images

then add a little of this in the mix to make your finished confection look delicious!

- a little bird who saw your biscuit bag! and is waiting ....

- waiting amongst the warmth of the weak winter sun,

because it's still January and in most of the Northern hemisphere that means one of the coldest months of the year!

~these beautiful paintings are available as prints and cards in In The Making team member Debbie's etsy shop Light Hearted Dreamer
her perfect complimentary photos are available as prints and cards in her etsy shop See Life Shine

many thanks Debbie! 6 pieces of work which will look superb grouped together in one area

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time for a Cuppa

There is nothing nicer than inviting a friend or two to visit, enjoying each others' company over a lovely hot cuppa.

So once you have made some delicious muffins in this wonderful vintage muffin tray,

got some fresh milk out of the fridge and popped it into a lovely china jug,

placed your best china cup and saucers on the linen tablecloth in the garden

and filled your green vintage enamel kettle with rain water on the stove, all you have to do is wait for your best friends to come around to chat and gossip and have a good old-fashioned cup of tea. Glorious!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

14 days in - don't give up ....

if you have decided to turn a new leaf this year but you find yourself waning a little now,

on the 14th day in,

of a possible 365, with only 351 to go,
then make your job so much easier by displaying art that motivates you such as Louise's wonderful print above 'The Journey of a Thousand Miles',

take it one day at a time - pat your back every day - smile as you pass a mirror, be kind to your soul and remind yourself to keep inspired by looking at the small happy bird in her print

and use the small bird as a messenger to bring you faith, to keep you on track - so that every small bird you see in your day to day goings on will remind you to continue on in your pursuit of happiness

and don't think that you are incomplete, because you are not - you just have to praise yourself every day for being a truly special, kind and caring human being,
giving love from your heart and giving thanks from your heart - because with love in your heart you are never lacking, and to feel love, for anything at all, is to give love - and in giving love you will receive love back - and that will make your spirit soar and enrich your life in untold ways

The print above, by Louise, is just perfect to inspire you, 'the whole world belongs to you' - say it often because it is true

and because alot of us are out and about every day, and we don't always see our inspirational messages as often as we need to - then make sure to wear your symbol of love with you at all times,

- carry this little bird by Louise close to your heart so that his chirps will remind you to have faith and to believe and good things will happen

Beautiful and inspirational art from In the Making team member Louise's etsy shop Louise st Art,
thank you Louise!

Friday, January 13, 2012

'think different' our team motto

One good thing about being an artist on etsy is that you can find a team that suits you down to a T where the team motto goes hand in hand with your approach to art.

I think that Paula from etsy shops Industrial Habitat, Industrial Bloom and Paula Art is spot on with 'thinking different' and I am always amazed by her work and artistic insights

such as this Industrial photograph of debris on drainage pipes in Vermont!
I just love those colours and texture
and this professionally laminated photo would look just as superb inside your home, as it does on a wall outside! what a novel and beautiful way to present this art work!

infact I love Paula's work so much that I already own 2 small pieces!
I have 2 unique and tactile redwood assemblages and I was also fortunate enough to win one of Paula's original art photo assemblages which I thought looked just like hares dancing!
(I have yet to blog about them, life got in the way last year, but it is on my list for this year :)

I love Paula's style which to me is a simple (uncluttered) yet strong statement in all of her creations.
She lets the imperfect beauty of each piece speak directly to you, unashamedly flaunting it as a coveted asset.

Such a beautiful black flower!
and again - perfect either inside or out!

ofcourse if you choose to display your blooms inside then using one of Paula's recycled and finished industrial pipe vases is essential.
The scratched paint and rust on each one is such a perfect touch that only time and nature could produce.

and there is a great choice of flowers available, like any well stocked florist!

Blue petals perhaps?

Paula uses found objects to make her flowers and this is the most perfect use I have ever seen for a faucet!

Now whether your blooms are inside or out, it is always nice to appreciate an object in candle light.
It lends an air of introspection and rewards the collector a considered moment with their prize as the eye moves slowly over the shadowed form.
I light my candles every evening and they add so much atmosphere to my tiny flat.

I really love this blue candle holder above, another piece of industrial reclaimed functional art!

This is truly thinking different and totally outside the box and this is the reason I love Paula's work so much!

and if you like quantity as well as quality then a few of these tea light holders will do the job of being fantastic just fine!
Could anything imperfect ever be so perfect? I think not!

Now the good thing about being on a team with artists who push the envelope in their thinking and designs is that ideas will come easier to you, inspiration will flow freely and when you see found items all lined up in a row - like these 3 pistons - you will probably have envisioned them doing something interesting, somewhere, in your right-sided-brain.
... perhaps some type of steampunk wet room towel rail holder?
maybe even grouped standing on your coffee table in a circle as a silent triumvirate object d'art?

and ofcourse, let's think different with this couple of industrial metal bridges?

swing open garage door handles?
the serious entry point to your wine cellar?
perhaps you would like to attach them to a piece of furniture as a statement piece?
or steampunk again - towel holders for your wet room?

and ofcourse, if you have a hamster - well - every hamster needs a sturdy but rusty metal bridge to cross at least once a day (sure beats those plastic ones, and hamsters are so not into plastic didn't you know?)

... just Think Different!

thank you Paula for your beautiful art and conceptions :)