Sunday, November 30, 2014

About the Artist : Janet Mealha - BlueMagpieDesign - HANDMADE UNIQUE CERAMICS AND PAINTINGS

Janet studied ceramics and printmaking in Dundee,Scotland.
She now works near Lagos, which is a coastal town in Southern Portugal (next door to Spain!) and lives in a 200 year old farmhouse in the country about 6 km out of town.

Handmade Individual Ceramics , Jewelry And Other Artworks.

Janet started her Etsy shop at the end of 2011, it's been interesting seeing for her to see her work going to all corners of the world.  A much wider audience drops by her Etsy shop than visits to her "bricks and mortar " store.
 She works and lives in a very old farmhouse in the middle of a field, so lots of space to spread out her work, make a mess and play loud music without annoying the neighbours !

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Unwrap Your Unique Gift: Part III

Let's go on with #etsygifts holiday marketing campaign and start preparing for Holidays! Let's say - Unwrap your unique gift!

Botanical wall calendar 2015 by VaidaPhoto
Crochet Bracelet and Necklace by idniama
Eco Friendly Toy - special ball or Star by TIMOHANDMADE
Sterling silver granulation ring by applenamedD
Chunky knit infinity scarf by TableTopJewels

Sunday, November 23, 2014

About the Artist: Paula. From found objects to functional art

Paula is a self taught full time artist who lives and works in a small city in Texas. She has been making art since 2004. Paula loves giving useless junk a 2nd life. Found objects have a patina and a texture about them that is unique and intriguing. The unknown use or history of the objects is what excites her and commands her attention. It's like a game waiting to see what will fit with what and how to make it useful.

Paula's work station
Tea Light Candle Holders

Initially she began making wall art and was exhibiting in local Vermont Galleries. When she moved to Texas everything changed! In Texas the materials available to here were different, soon her PaulaArt shop was filled with utilitarian objects and so, when she started making flowers she opened the other shop so it could be filled with found object flowers - IndustrialBloom

Her days are spent looking for lost, tossed and abandoned objects. It always surprises her the things she finds when she rides her bike or walk on the roads, peering into dumpsters or visiting the small recycle/scrap yard within the confines of town. The flowers she makes are an expression of her delight and fascination with found objects, particularly the minutia that truly seems unusable and sometimes ugly. She loves how they enliven her own loft! They are like little animals wafting odd personalities.

Upcycled Found Object Clock

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unwrap Your Unique Gift: Part II

Let's go on with #etsygifts holiday marketing campaign and start preparing for Holidays! Let's say - Unwrap your unique gift!

Still life photography by PhotographyDream
Felt Reindeer by TwoSadDonkeys
Original drawing / mixed media by marina826
Vintage Wire Frame Bowl by OnlyCoolStuff
Men house shoes - felt slippers by VART / Vaida Petreikis

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About the Artist: atiliay by Olivia

Olivia is a designer and artist born and raised in Southern California with a background in fashion design. She is passionate about creating products that give back.
A thank you from The EEC, the first recipients of Cards For A Cards' proceeds!
atiliay was born out of a desire to create a way for everyone to easily spread the love!
It started out as a fundraising idea Olivia had for Valentine's Day 2013. That January and February, she spent many days and late nights stamping cards, hand writing messages, and hand addressing envelopes in order to make over 300 Valentine's Day cards. It was so amazing to see the support and enthusiasm for the project and through these efforts, together they raised enough funds to provide meals for 60 children at The Ebongalethu Educare Center in SA with nutritious food for over a year.

Olivia  knew she wanted to keep that project going. It also helped her reconnect with her love for visual arts and showed her a way to present her art while supporting various non-profits in the USA and across the world.

Proceeds from every item in her shop goes to help support the work of groups that are relieving hunger, fighting poverty, providing education, assisting our furry friends, and much more.

Through atiliay, Olivia hopes to make a lasting and meaningful impact through community, compassion, sustainability, and love.
Find her on:
[ Etsy]
[ instagram ]
[ pinterest ]

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Unwrap Your Unique Gift: Part I

All around the world, people are getting ready to unwrap gifts from their loved ones. From now on In the Making Team is participating in the #etsygifts holiday marketing campaign. We will feature our member works every week.
So let's start preparing for Holidays! Let's say - Unwrap your unique gift!

Metal Jewelry-Watch-Bangle Holder by PaulaArt
Sterling Silver Granulation Ring by applenamedD
Original mixed media assemblage by FoundARTvision
Tea light holder by JanFairhurstPottery
Bow tie by BartekDesign

Monday, November 10, 2014

About th Artist: Aroluna - Artisan Jewelry

                                                         Creating jewelry is Irene's reward.

She was young when she realized that her hands would be her tools. Transforming materials, fabric, leather and clay into something beautiful always thrilled her. She got hooked to metal, learning from two friends who are metal smiths, later attended jewelry school, and since then jewelry making became a great and pleasant aspect of her life.

She is the only maker of everything @ aroluna, needless to say the bench is what she loves most, and where she does her best to originate timeless adornments, often rustic and organic, sturdy but smooth, which will last for many a moon.

Her intention is to create perfectly wearable jewelry which bends and molds to the body in a comfortable way. She loves asymmetry, circular forms and making pieces that are sensual and bold, almost with lives of their own… you can feel their subtle weight, their sound, their touch.
 At present Irene is leaning towards wire in its many forms, using simple ancient techniques to achieve original work. She is also having great fun recycling her own material, gathering and transforming previously unfinished or set aside pieces and parts into new unique and amusing designs.
Irene's work is available @ aroluna  & lunamora

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Art Quilt

Art quilt, contemporary fiber art, home office decor, cappuccino silver grey, wall decor, coffee art

Saturday, November 1, 2014

About the Artist: Vaida's World

Vaida Petrikis
 felt artist, designer, photographer.
Vaida lives in the middle of Europe, in a small country near the Baltic Sea – in Lithuania. Felt came into her life in 2006, at first just as a hobby, but, step by step, this evolved into something else. It’s  now her passion and self-expression. She felts various shawls, ruffle scarfs, arm warmers, fingerless gloves, slippers, even dresses. She makes jewelry with handmade felt, various interior items from diverse materials, combining different techniques. Felt, metal, wood, stone, even photography - all in one. 
She loves diversity.

Vaida has a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Art’s History,  a Master’s degree in Applied Sociology and a  Master’s degree in Information Technologies plus seven-year studies at the Music school, she also studied at Textile Art school. All things she did and does in her life are closely related. It's a lifestyle. And art is an inherent part of her life.

Vaida lives in the very center of Kaunas and she loves it! Living there allows her  to feel the very essence of the city, to participate in its life, to be in it and… To maintain her  privacy at the same time.  For now she works in her family apartment - the felting takes place in her living room, however,  this year she will have a new studio in an old 19th century building in the main street of Kaunas, so if you ever go to Lithuania, you are welcome in her place!  Otherwise, Vaida's amazing work can be found through her two Etsy shops - VaidaPhoto  & Vart .