Friday, March 9, 2012

wrapped in silver

it's not too early to start buying your Easter decorations

I have 3 eggs already sitting on my side table (rather tempting, and I have a whole month to wait!)

and rabbits are beautiful - especially chocolate ones wrapped in silver paper

- whether they are edible or not!

have a hop around etsy, visit Molly's hop, er, I mean shop, and add some lagomorphs to your walls and Easter basket


  1. Ha ha, Annette, you're the best!! ;-) Thank you!!

    I'll give away a secret: my Easter bunnies are on display all year round. For Easter decor I just add some nests and eggs.

    Easter for me is the best of all the holidays. Lovely spring weather (most often), some flowers, some chocolates and the first baby greens on the table. I love it!

  2. Chocolate and bunnies!! Yum and Fun!

  3. that's funny Molly :)
    I love Easter too! why could I not?
    rabbits and chocolate = heaven :)