Monday, March 5, 2012

feeding time

having animated inanimate objects around the home only means one thing -

it's nice to lay a place setting for them at the table too

handsome Damir the ram would appreciate that alot, thanks

and beautiful Nataniel will make sure that bibs are worn, because sheep sometimes leave a few bits here and there at eating times

and their preferred dish of choice is this beautiful butterfly paper mache bowl!

There is only one available,
but sheep are sociable beings,
so Damir and Nataniel will share until another delectable bowl is proffered

- just be sure to make it a double helping thanks, and with afters too


  1. loving animal tales with such handsome guys, and really appreciating that labored paper mache bowl! :))

  2. They're darling! I love the little splashes of color in them.