Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion Trends for Spring 2012...color & pattern

I am not addicted to fashion trends. You won't see me in pencil pants or skinny jeans. I only wear stretch pants when I am out for a winter run. I believe in sustainable fashion with cute trendy accessories.

I do love color trends. Most of the time I get excited about what this seasons color will be. I love to see my favorite shops and what they selected. Sometimes I cry and run away in horror.

So with that...I give you the most fashionable color trends for Spring 2012. I've tried to include as many team treasuries as I could. Hoping to see more team members with some pattern below. I've started to add some of these trends to my own line...more to come.

Neon Bright Bold Colors - I'd like to say it isn't true that the 80's Neon is back but alas I have an 8-year-old and it is very much trend. So if I am not paint splattering my clothes perhaps we can add it elsewhere and here are some great suggestions!

Blue and Orange are a very hot color combination. Just think Tide detergent, need I say more? Again, I may not wear this color combination but would love a cute accessory to brighten my whites.

Chevron Stripes & Ikat are the "in" patterns. Chevron is relatively new and seems to have zig zagged right past Ikat without looking. Ikat has been trying to push its way through for over a year now and is gaining some popularity...look no further than the Crate & Barrel spring catalog.

Quite a bit to think about this Spring. Plenty of options depending upon your style. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and can not thank my team enough for all of their continued support. To a healthy and happy Spring!!

xoxo, Jen


  1. Some great collections here! They put me in the mood for Spring~

  2. Great to see what's new for spring 2012. Great treasuries!
    Thanks for including one of mine.

  3. Such gorgeous treasuries! Thank you for including one of mine.

  4. all very beautiful collections and great commentary. Thanks Jen!

  5. Jen, this is wonderful! Great to see all of these fab collections and trends! Thanks so much for including one of my treasuries! :)

  6. you almost convinced me to follow color trends :D !!
    I love the way you presented this theme! You picked some fabulous collections! Awesome post!