Friday, March 23, 2012

Fire and Ice

one of my favourite books is Ice Station Zebra by Alistair MacLean

I was glued to the pages until the end and I still have it on my bookshelf in my 'permanent collection of great reads'. Infact after I finish writing this post I shall go and dust it off ...

In the world of subterfuge, amongst the Arctic Ice - trust is weak and suspicion is strong

- perhaps I shall make a mini diorama with my old tatty novel, and put this Vintage Still of Ice Station Zebra behind it

and draped over my well thumbed novel I shall place this beautiful Frozen Pearl necklace

because it reminds me of precious droplets of oil, left over from the fiery sabotage

and then to the right hand side of my scene I shall place this Watchful All Seeing Robin

because even amongst the battering ice spicules, someone was watching, and waiting ...

and no matter how suspicious you are, and who you suspect as the saboteur, you can't show it incase you endanger your own mission,

so it's best to carry this Key Ring and Cheer the Hell Up!

I would place this key ring on a small hook at the top left of my diorama, falling over my vintage still

and whatever you do, don't give your game away,

put on a slightly happy face as you try to read the other not-so-happy-faces and before long you will flush the prey out!
(not that anyone is fooled by a small smile, but spying is all politics isn't it?)

and to finish off my Ice Station Arctic diorama I will have this Happy Cup of Coffee photo on the left side of my display


  1. Well done!
    Thanks for including my cheerful key ring.

  2. You've painted such a great picture Annette, now I'm going to have to find it on CD and listen while I work!

  3. lovely finds!
    Annette, thanks for share my coffee bear:))

  4. ;D
    ...and this smile is true :))

  5. Annette, you are a genius! I LOVE this! Thanks so much for including my print! :)

  6. thanks for all your comments :)
    (my smile it true as well!) - so funny Irene :)
    hope you get the cd of the book Betsy!