Monday, March 19, 2012

accentuate your best points

and ignore your not so hot points

beautiful long ears?
show them off with a short, becoming neck warmer

(and keep those untrimmed nails under the snow, or leaves or spring grasses)

svelte sexy pins?
show them off with a flirty chic skirt

(and keep those long ears under a sassy hat)

shapely slender neck?
show it off with caramel spring blooms

(and keep those untrimmed nails in your pockets, and wear a hat to hide your long ears)

beautiful long ears, svelte sexy pins and shapely slender necks?
show them off with this beautiful fabric stitched into something chic and becoming

(and if your nails get caught on the loose threads, then don't trim the threads - do your nails instead
- loose threads are trendy - haven't your big ears heard?)

*hoping that everyone sees the funny side of this - even the doggeh :)


  1. so fun, Annette! I love that neck warmer, do you think it'll look good on me? :D

  2. Cute, clever and wonderful, Annette! Irene, I think the neckwarmer will really show your ears off to best advantage!

    1. ha ha Betsy! I am laughing out loud here :)
      Irene I reckon it would - Betsy is right!

      (just don't mind your nails :)

      Annette xx