Friday, March 2, 2012

.. sometimes ..

... sometimes a dog is not enough ...

and when you need a breath of fresh, still evening air by the back door
you find yourself keeping company with other critters who come by

like friendly skunk here

and as long as you are friendly to him, there will be no change to the evening's aroma

and he will be very taken with your beautiful jasper pendant necklace

as it catches the glimmers from your kitchen lights
he will admire it openly, especially with it matching his eye patches and ears

and he will also comment on your stylish knitted hand warmers

and find warmth in their beautiful hues and lines, similar to his own
and when the chit chat has ended he will glance up at you to see if you remembered the apple, hoping you did, before he wanders off, smiling

so next time you are taking the early evening air make sure to take an extra apple for the crepuscular visitors, because he will thank you for that


  1. sweet, Annette! I suppose if I had been more thoughtful last summer and offered an apple to the skunk in my backyard he would have left my dog alone...

  2. ha ha :) Betsy!
    you made me laugh!
    ... but - now you know :)

  3. sweet Annette,you have a way with story telling, sweet Annette! ;)

  4. the bag and hand warmers are brilliant, love it! of course i love betsy's work...the skunk is growing on me :)