Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have you ever seen the rain ?

Feb. 23, imteam challenge - What's in a rain drop ?
28 imaginative entries for the Feb. 23th team challenge !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life is a Carnival

16 festive entries for the Feb. 16th team challenge !

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secret lovers society

32 impressive entries for the Feb. 9th team challenge !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Animal House

Feb. 2, imteam challenge No. 4
In honor of the Lunar New Year
"So, come here often, what's your sign ?
that is, your Chinese animal sign ? "

Go to the bottom to see the animal tally......
from 33 incredible entries !
Year of the Rabbit Predictions by SarahGiannobile

Dog Days of Winter by atstuart

Quit Horsing Around and Tell Me Your Sign, Baby !
by mistflowerphoto

Eye of the Tiger by ittybittybag

Rats by LizzieJoeDesigns

Born in the Year of the Monkey by aspeerstudio

Baa! Said the Monkey and the Donkey is Wondering.....
by SimplyPictures

Aquarius ! by SimplyPictures

Hello Bunny, Goodbye Tiger by imboxteam

So you see a Tiger in me by berezki

Tiger Confessions by CynART

i am an ox by PaulaArt

A monkey is doing my job by ohriginals

I am rat, let me sing.... by LaTouchables

"Come here often, what's your sign ? " by dragonhouseofyuen

This Tige's Eye by urbaneden

The Rooster Party is Finally Here ! by TwoSadDonkeys

born in the year of the horse.... by betsybensen

Party People in the Place to Be by rosetung

curious...... by therustyARTichoke

baileys on a good night by PhotogenicGallery

Cup of Kindness by angelacallanan

Sheep are most comfortable on their couches....... by LushCluster

Horse people can be a jumble of contradictions..... by LouisestArt

Equine Finds by ReminiscencePapers

East meets West Year of the Dog versus Leo by 88editions

What's your sign ? by thedoghouse

Come here often, what's your sign ? by LightheartedDreamer

the ox by lottahelleberg

Do Chickens have Lips ? by folkartvision

The horse and the sheep by NYhop

Rabbits and Dogs and Hearts Oh My ! by WickedDarling

{Ms. Rat to You} Born in the Year of the Rat This One is For You
by walrustusk

Wow, so that's
1 goat, 2 ox, 3 dogs, 3 roosters, 3 monkeys, 3 sheep,
4 rats, 4 rabbits, 6 tigers and 6 horses.
We are missing one animal, any guesses ?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Winter Chill

Jan 26, Imteam Challenge No. 3,
Winter, how do you like it.
Prepare to feast your eyes on 26 distinctive entries !

get cozy, it's cold outside ! by aspeerstudio
Front Page, Jan. 29

winter survival guide by betsybensen

Winter - with Snow please ! by tundradear

Protesting Winter by mistflowerphoto

Winter Has Locked My Heart and I Can't Find the Key by vart

{Winter Wood } - Breaking Cabin Fever by walrustusk

Cozy Cabin In The Woods by WickedDarling

Stark Winter by therustyARTichoke

Winter, how do you like it ? by SimplyPictures

More Snow ????? by ShadeMemories

Turn up the heat by SarahGiannobile

Bon Hiver by rosetung

Can Spring Fever Be Fetal ? by ReminiscencePapers

Winter turns her cheeks rosy by LushCluster

Winter's last icy blast by QuercusSilver

over it by PaulaArt

No More...I Can't Take It ! by PhotogenicGallery

Winter, with love by NYhop

Cabin Fever by folkartvision

Late Winter Survival Kit by LaTouchables

Winter, Winter by LouisestArt

Winter Warmers by thedoghouse

The naked Earth is warmed by Spring by GoGoSnap

On the inside looking out... that's how I like winter ! by CynART

Winter, how do you like it ? by dragonhouseofyuen

Spring Dreaming: are we there yet, are we there yet ?