Saturday, March 10, 2012

twig and tuft collectors

it's that time again and I have been privy to an intimate affair -

I saw a bird with a twig when I was climbing up Arthur's Seat, in Edinburgh, the other day

and that means only one thing -

Nest Egg Watching!

and ofcourse the feathered friends make their nests carefully,
and secretly,

so that the only observers will be those with small, bird sized eyes

but for those eager and nosy observers who have larger eyes, and digits instead of claws,

well - they would be needing a pair of binoculars, comfy seat and plenty of time on their hands
and they may just get a glimpse too,

though in Scotland it can get rather chilly sitting out, so a tumbler of whisky would be a good companion

but before the whisky sinks in, and for when your glass is finished,

then a German Wool Cold War Era sweater is absolutely essential
and being from the Cold War means that it will enhance your spying
(okay - I'm not a whisky drinker but I am a sweater wearer :) and I do like to look for nests)

~ it's still a time of lean ~ so remember to put out a handful of tidbits for the feather friends, twig gathering is energy consuming