Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter Will Come Soon

Thinking about Easter? We are!

Easter eggs art print by Yael Berger | TheJoyofColor
Vintage Jack Rabbit canvas bag by BucktoothedBunny
Custom Hopping Bunny Rabbit Easter Card by Olivia Lin | atiliay
Shafford Rabbit Patch Mugs by Anatol | OnlyCoolStuff
Deviled Egg Plate by Deb Babcock |BlueSkyPotteryCO
Easter Bunny - stuffed hare upcycled eco doll by Timor Cohen | TIMOHANDMADE

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Just before the Valentine...

It's nearly Valentine's day.... Are you ready?
Let's give some love, let's show some hearts....

Original Mixed Media Assemblage by FoundARTvision
White heart print by PhotographyDream
Wall Hanging Heart by BlueMagpieDesign
Heart Necklace by aroluna

Thursday, January 15, 2015

About the Artist: - Mariana & Paula Moreno - knitBranda - Hand Knitted Scarves & Accessories - Argentina


Knitted in all colors

Some years ago, on a very cold day, they were in their stained glass shop at a craft fair, knitting a hat and a scarf for themselves, when a lady who sold knits ask them to knit for her shop. An idea was born and the next logical step was to open their Etsy shop -
The name of the shop - Branda. - is a tribute to their "nonna" (granny) Hildebranda, who taught them how to knit.   
Mariana and Paula love to knit classic patterns, mostly their own designs using natural yarns. But what they like best is that all colors are present and that their shop looks like a colors palette, arranged like a pencils box.
Most of their creations are of their own design. Sometimes  they incorporate ideas or designs of others and/or traditions to enhance their design and style. They promote classical, urban, upbeat accessories, scarves, collars, mittens, fingerless gloves, hats, berets and caps. all are easy to wear and give a touch of distinction to the wardrobe in all style of clothing  for women and men.

They knit with two needles, entirely by hand, being very careful in all the endings. Each and every stitch is part of the whole, twining harmoniously, forming and articulating the mesh design that holds up to itself, becoming a unique garment.

They use the yarn that they find in the current market. Natural fibers such as alpaca and merino wool, blended wool as Manos del Uruguay, pure and blended, and also artificial fibers such as acrylic. Crafted spun, hand dyed and from the industrial production. When they make the selection, they tend to choose traditional textures looking for balance between quality and price.

You are bound to to find that perfect accessory in their shop.
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

About the Artist: SToNZ - organically elegant silver jewelry inspired by nature

Susan has been making art as long as she can remember. She is grateful to have grown up with arts loving parents who encouraged my artistic exploration from a young age. Fortunately her awesome husband also appreciates and supports her artistic pursuits.
Her creative passions led her to art school where she earned a BFA in graphic design and illustration.
She worked as a professional illustrator at American Greetings for almost a decade and continued to do design work for a variety of clients from her home-based graphic design studio (SmARTwork Studio, Inc.) while raising her identical twin daughters.

professional greeting card illustrator in the 1980's

Spending all that time on the computer, made her really miss the hands-on act of actually MAKING things. So, she revisted her passion for metal and stone.

As a child she spent most of her summers at the beach. The sea glass and beach stones she collected over the years were filling bowls throughout her studio and home.
collecting beach stones in Maine, circa 1970

Then she realized she could creatively combine her two passions: making beautiful jewelry and beach combing for natural treasures. (Oh, and foraging at garage sales and flea markets for old keys, tokens and old sterling silver jewelry parts.) The result is SToNZ.
if she can't be at the beach, she might as well be at the bench
one way to make use of an old mission oak desk

She found a perfect home on Etsy and love how it has enabled her to connect with many wonderful people around the world - both customers and fellow artists.

She has recently added a vintage section to her shop.... This will be growing, so check back often for new and unusual finds from her garage sale adventures.

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