Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cuddly Soft

As a child I could not imagine being without a cuddly little friend to take to bed at night to keep me company from all the scary monsters that apparently lurked under my bed. Also what a great comfort he was when I was sad, feeling unwell or got in trouble for being mischievious.

This is little Xoco, a beautiful little teddy friend from dualchocolate who is hand stitched and stuffed with organic cotton. Perfect to cuddle.
What a little cutie. This chunk coat warmer brooch will keep you warm in those long, cold winters. A wonderful crochet friend to make you smile all day long.
For a teddy loving friend or perhaps to accompany a baby shower gift, this little crochet teddy mini card would be ideal. A sweet teddy to share, keep or perhaps pop him in a frame for an instant artwork in a nursery.
If you want to keep a tiny friend in your pocket to keep you company all day without anyone knowing then this little cotton crochet bear is yours. He is only 4 inches tall and comes with his own little bag.
Teddies are timeless, adored by millions of children (and big kids!) all over the world. Dualchocolate has lovingly made these beautiful friends and they are ready to be loved by someone special or even yourself.
Now to go and give my poor teddy with his worn fur and crooked nose a nice big hug.


  1. LOVE this sweet feature of sweetness dualchocolate!! :))

  2. me too, and i'm thrilled eslin is on our team now :)

  3. They are adorable!! Thanks for share!! ♥♥