Monday, February 20, 2012

draped in Feminine Beauty

one of the most beautiful things to have against your body is a piece of jewellery which enhances your femininity

and I have found the perfect piece!

~ this gorgeous black onyx cascading necklace

by Irene from Aroluna

I can feel it moving with my body as I take in my day

and I would not be afraid to wear this in the gym
- the feeling I get is that this piece would be so at home on my skin that it wouldn't matter what I did and would make me feel very feminine!

and cascading down my wrists I would have a couple of these tactile bracelets, perhaps 3 of them
and they would rub shoulders with (or should I say wrists?) some cotton friendship bands

I feel that these bracelets are very friendly and amenable to company

and at the end of my cascade will be these beautiful hammered rings, all stacked on one finger, as I really like layers, and I love texture and love feeling sensual

and depending on how I'm feeling that day I may or may not have a small piece of string tied around my finger too, beside those bands - just to remind myself how feminine and chic I am in this ensemble by Irene

thank you Irene!
the perfect outfit for any time!


  1. OH! AWE! the nicest sweetest surprise !!!
    Thank you so much dear Annette! You made me smile happy happy! :)))

  2. Beautiful post!! Love Aroluna!! ♥♥


  3. a lovely homage to a wonderful jeweler and sweet, sweet lady!