Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Illuminated Perfume

I have long admired Roxana's shop, Illuminated Perfume on etsy, her lovely images, her devotion to hand crafted pure botanical perfumes utilizing, to quote her, "ancient techniques of alchemy with modern technology."
Having resisted temptation for, well, not too long... I purchased a sampler set of 5 of Roxana's solid perfumes.
They were somewhat of a revelation to me, more complex then anything I was used to. I like to wear the scent on my wrists so that from time to time throughout the day I can treat myself to some very heavy sniffing! Heavenly...
I doubt I will ever be satisfied wearing anything less than a natural, hand crafted perfume... I've seen the light!

You'll find all kinds of information about Roxana and her perfume art on her etsy profile page. There you will also find links to her website, blog and all the social media stuff!    

Did I forget to mention that Roxana's perfumes make wonderful gifts...?


  1. Thank you so very much for featuring me here, what a treat to read your personal experience with my work. ~Roxana

  2. this is really such a pretty collection this shop!

  3. Awe to Roxana's perfumes, it's so tempting. I haven't treated myself just yet, but it's soon to come. I know it's a one way road :) Nice feature, Betsy!