Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple Childhood Pleasures

I am all for modern technology and its benefits - we have to face it without it there would be no emails, facebook and blogs to keep in touch with the outside world. But I think it is disappointing that some children today do not get to experience the simple pleasures of good old fashioned toys such as these wooden blocks.
I do remember with great happiness toys my grandfather and father made me as a child and played with them for many hours on end. I never did have such a magnificent rocking horse as this but secretly I wished I did (and maybe still do!).
At bedtime I used to have stories read to me mainly by my mother and Han Christian Anderson's tale of The Little Tin Soldier was one of them. I have read it to my little girl also which jogs the memory to such beautiful, timeless stories.
Ah yes who doesn't remember the good old spinning top. There was always little competitions between my brother and I as to who could spin it the longest. I always won of course (so I say!).
A beautiful little cart like this would have been part of many a childs life - do you recall taking the poor dog for a walk in the garden in the back of the cart, he would keep jumping out until he gave up and then just endured the bumpy ride.
Thankyou 86ForTheHome for taking me and others down memory lane - its been a lovely journey.

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  1. So right, i do try to buy wood and natural material toys to family and friends to remember how nice its to touch something carved or sewn by hand. Wonderful finds for 86ForTheHome, love that horse