Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Snow Storms

February is usually a pretty cold month with some of the harshest winter weather.

As long as you are rugged up warm it is also nice to wear a bit of February on your wrist .....

this is one of the simplest, yet prettiest bracelets I have seen on etsy!

and it would be so stylish on a bare wrist, in a busy room, with snowflakes melting on the warm windows
(and back at home it would look just great displayed like above)

put some snowflakes on your wrist with this captivating jewel by IM team member Vaida from etsy shop Vart


  1. wow, that is stunning! I think Ill go use that in a treasury...

  2. Thanks so much, ladies!
    Thank you, Annette, for this feature! Appreciate that so much!