Friday, February 24, 2012

the Snowdrops are out

and small spring flowers are carpeting the ground everywhere with colourful smiles

small rabbits in love are choosing the nicest blooms for their crush

and making sure their glad rags are up to par,

because the laydees are getting hard to impress nowadays
and it takes alot of loving to show her your dedication

and making nests and making babies is a serious endeavour, don't you know
not just any piece of string will do for one's nest, it has to be just right

and cups of nectar are absolutely essential to fuel all this love

because it's not every day you can have a picnic on a blanket of snowdrops
not even if you bring your own blanket!
have a walk thru the woodlands of etsy to see more beautiful spring buds


  1. Oh, what a fun blog post!! Love it!!
    Thank you so much for featuring my goose yarn bowl, I am honored!!

  2. Adorable! Annette, you are gifted at making up truly heartwarming and endearing stories. Thank-you for including my rabbit painting