Friday, February 3, 2012

i LOVE you

no matter what language it is in - LOVE is LOVE

and nothing makes you feel better than saying I Love You to the one you love

and showing your love is just as wonderful as saying it!
I love this mixed media Love Note collage by IM team member Pey from Folk Art Vision

and don't stop at just one valentine card - why not give one every month of the year to your crush? now how is that for truly romantic?

and my absolute favourite expressions of love are the mixed media collages that Pey makes!

this one is Your Heart is Safe With Me ~ so, so romantic! that is absolute trust!

and it would be so perfect to display next to this absolutely beautiful and tender painting of a girl and her very trusting first love, I Was Too Young, by Amanda from Amanda Atkins

I have just the spot!

ofcourse, adding another shadow box or two by Pey would also look so apt in your ode to love

Really loving Pey's titles of her works too! this gorgeous one is You Are My Diamond In The Rough - and don't we all know a special diamond out there?

Pey has a great choice in her shop, Folk Art Vision,
each one so tactile, full of incredibly delicate yet powerful love - framed with century old wood which enhances their poignant tiny hearts full of intent!

which one(s) will you choose?

and to complete your heartfelt display - put up this super wall graphic of a chalkboard heart by Paul from Wilson's Graphics

I can think of no better act to do every single day than to surprise my loved one with a few reasons of why I love them!
and just imagine their excitement when they come home every day, and race to their Why I Love You heart to read what you have written about them! kisses and hugs will abound!

and the best thing about your special diamond - is that they are unique and that you love them 'Just The Way You Are'!

red furry coat or not :)

love is not just for valentines day - but every day - so give it every day, as if every day is valentines day


  1. Oh boy, I feel so special, this is such a surprise, can't thank you enough.
    yes, I love you just the way you are !!

  2. awww, thank you so much for including me and sharing my work!! This is a great collection of items.