Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A winter's tale

I'm happy to report,

The Snowdrops are up and,
compared to last year, they seem to be several weeks early.

The mild weather is also luring a lot of birds,
Cardinals and snowbirds are everywhere
Robins never left.
Occasionally, one might even spot an exotic.

But the most noteworthy sighting is the return of
Red-winged Blackbird
on Feb. 21st.

They are one of the most abundant native birds
in North America.
A highly polygynous species,
meaning males have many female mates/ nests.
Their early arrival and tumbling song are
happy indications of
the return of spring.
I say this is a cause for celebration !

Before you know it, Tulips will be in bloom
and Spring will be in the air.


  1. you made my night pey! so many birds and flowers in one place - my 2 most favorite things....

    well dogs & cats too!!!!

    thanks for having my cardinal along....

  2. I learned a lot from this lovely post, Pey, thank you.... I also learned that you you don't want to hang your white sheets out to dry during the first mild day in February when the robins have been gorging themselves on the holly berries in the bush adjacent to the clothesline...

  3. Splendid pey, now i know a bit more aboout then N Amercan birds , love this post , thanks for including me

    1. Such a lovely story, Pey:)
      Thanks for the feature.

  4. We loved this post ! Honored to be included here !
    What a happy day ! thank you Pey !
    Ildiko & Flavia

  5. How wonderful, Pey! Thank you so much for starting my day on such a pretty and positive note! Such a lovely and fun story! xo Debbie

  6. Love this story, even though I'm a bit concerned about the hungry cats! Thanks for including my bird collage! I'm looking forward to seeing some spring birds.

    By the way, I'm wondering how to get my blog onto your blog list. www.kimhambricart.blogspot.com

  7. Love the story and the art! Also, I learned a lot about birds :) Fun!