Saturday, February 11, 2012

the same stuff

on coudless frosty February nights I gaze admiringly at the night's sky

here in Edinburgh, Scotland, I am so lucky to see clear views of the planets in the dark sky.

I always feel amazed and privileged when I look at the stars and know that we are made from the same elements. Tomorrow night the moon will be passing Saturn!

I love this beautiful original print of Saturn, from the 1940s, from Maria of Carambas, and it would look perfect in a dark hallway above a side table with the left-over light from the top of a lampshade shining up at it.

and the Moon just passed Mars two nights ago! I have always loved Mars, it is probably my most favourite planet after Mother Earth. I love the energy of Mars.

This 1948 original print of Mars would go very nicely next to Saturn!

I would have Mars positioned to the right, to offset Saturn's rings, and a few inches higher. I would have a red lacquer accent in it's dark frame, so that the light from the lamp will give it a little fire - what with it being the bringer of war!

and leaning on the wall, behind the lamp, I would have this detailed architectural plate of gryphons.
It's so detailed and fascinating!

and the perfect accompaniment to the planets.

I know I spend alot of time looking up at the incredible details on the buildings in Edinburgh when I am out and about.

and to add a perfect finishing touch to my hallway - I would have this 1951 original map of the Poles placed under glass as the top of my hall table!

Just what I need, when I come in every evening and place my keys in their dish, and say thanks to the Earth for having me here, thanks to the planets for reminding me to be humble and thanks to my fellow beings for reminding me that I must strive to do my best,
and to always remember that we came from the stars and we are all made from the same stuff!

thanks Maria! your etsy shop Carambas is packed with inspiration!


  1. I'm lucky enough to have two of Maria's vintage book plates, and one is of a waterfall within a short walk from my house! From Oregon to Uruguay and back again!

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