Thursday, January 5, 2012

Past Memories

branda on Etsy

I was talking to a friend of mine recently who stated she was trying to teach her soon-to-be teenage daughter how to knit. It got me thinking how my mother and dear grandma 'tried' to teach me the art of knitting which I failed miserably - unfortunately.

Knit and Wedding - on Etsy

Knitting is such a beautiful craft which provokes thoughts of warmth, comfort and softness. I am envious of people who can produce such beautiful pieces. Thank goodness for talented people like branda and Knit and Wedding to keep all us failed knitters all happy and warm.


  1. raemj, I know what you mean, it's beyond my skill set too!

  2. Here, here, !
    wonderful post, Rae.

  3. How nice! Knitting is a wonderful skill and you have to take your time to learn it.

    Thank you for the featuring!!