Saturday, January 14, 2012

14 days in - don't give up ....

if you have decided to turn a new leaf this year but you find yourself waning a little now,

on the 14th day in,

of a possible 365, with only 351 to go,
then make your job so much easier by displaying art that motivates you such as Louise's wonderful print above 'The Journey of a Thousand Miles',

take it one day at a time - pat your back every day - smile as you pass a mirror, be kind to your soul and remind yourself to keep inspired by looking at the small happy bird in her print

and use the small bird as a messenger to bring you faith, to keep you on track - so that every small bird you see in your day to day goings on will remind you to continue on in your pursuit of happiness

and don't think that you are incomplete, because you are not - you just have to praise yourself every day for being a truly special, kind and caring human being,
giving love from your heart and giving thanks from your heart - because with love in your heart you are never lacking, and to feel love, for anything at all, is to give love - and in giving love you will receive love back - and that will make your spirit soar and enrich your life in untold ways

The print above, by Louise, is just perfect to inspire you, 'the whole world belongs to you' - say it often because it is true

and because alot of us are out and about every day, and we don't always see our inspirational messages as often as we need to - then make sure to wear your symbol of love with you at all times,

- carry this little bird by Louise close to your heart so that his chirps will remind you to have faith and to believe and good things will happen

Beautiful and inspirational art from In the Making team member Louise's etsy shop Louise st Art,
thank you Louise!


  1. thanks annette and louise for highlighting the positive!

  2. Wow... Annette you made my day! Love the way you focus and write!

    Thank you so much!

  3. i love the free fresh spirit in louise's work, nice to see her highlighted here ;)

  4. love love Louise's work ..thanks for your encouragement today!!