Saturday, January 21, 2012

Inside Outside

The art we display at home should reflect who we are, what we love, how we feel

~ I love this collage with a wax seal by Kelly and can see it on my wall ~

and the kind of attire we step out in should also compliment our tastes

~ I would love to wear this bold, organic porcelain black and brown ring by Monica ~

and our clothes should be as brave as our art and jewellery
~ I love this 'renewal' halter top with ponies on it by Kelly ~

your art pieces should bring you joy when you look at them and make you feel good inside

~ loving the intricate detail on this solar etching of a branch by Kelly, though perhaps being a 'solar etching' it is really 'art by sun'! ~

and there should never be a hesitation to wear what pleases you, any day, any time, any place

~ I would love to step out with a big smile if I had these swallows chasing bugs on my pins! a beautiful unique skirt by Yuliya~

clothes, like your art pieces, should be a celebration of your soul!

~ and I love that the swallow skirt comes with a neck garnishing of more agile fliers! again, by Yuliya ~

the great thing about wearing items you love is that you can choose some amazing pieces out there that will definitely wow passers-by!

~ so don't forget your ears (if you adorn them too), love these handmade porcelain stars by Monica, which are a perfect touch to go with the ponies and swallows ~

and when you are just about to walk out of your hallway and close the door to your little piece of heaven

~ give a thanks and a smile as you appreciate yourself and your home, I love this leaf on handmade paper by Kelly, and that it once enjoyed the sun's rays as you are about to now ~

because it's always best to display art and dress the way you love the most - the way that makes you smile, feel happy and makes your soul sing!

many thanks to In the Making team members
Kelly from 88Editions
Yuliya from YuliyaWimmerlin
Monica from NiuTaller
Kelly from KellyEmeraldHart


  1. beautiful work, Annette! And the clothing and jewelry all work wonderfully together, which means you'll look stylish as you relax and enjoy kelly's art on your wall!

  2. yeah in this day and age no excuses for having unoriginal EVERYTHING :)

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  4. Thanks for this post Annette. Now I'm off to don swallows and take a walk in the park!

  5. So wonderful finds!! thanks Annette!!