Saturday, January 7, 2012

don't forget your Ps and Qs

the very last of the parcels that fell off Santa's sleigh as he sped around the world in December should be popping thru your letterbox this month

and that brings us to the simple act of writing Thank You's for the ones you have already received,

so, if you are in Northern Canada and there is a power cut, or sunny Queensland in Australia and a tropical cyclone has wiped out the power -

then put a match to your tea light
(silver tea light holder by IM team member Raemj from etsy shop Raemj)

adorn yourself with your prettiest scarf

gather your cotton balls for your kitten Oscar to play with by your feet

take out your prettiest pencils

and the jar of dried fruit snacks (hey! let's be good eh, chocolate is for Easter)

and those extra special little gift tags that you purchased just for this very reason

- and write those Thank Yous!

always nice to remember your Ps and Qs :)

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