Friday, January 27, 2012


January is still cold, winter usually hits hardest around now,

and walking is rarely a saunter, more a brisk stride, so when you venture out .....

wear your little stepping out pony necklace to keep pace with you

colourful Horse necklace by Cris from Iomiss

and because an important thought can come at any time, don't forget your neat, handy note book

and a bag to hold your thoughts, plus those interesting twigs and cones too, that will look so nice on your side table by the window ...

and because the beauty outside lasts only for a short while before mother nature changes her mind and her coat,

take a little of it inside with you and find the perfect spot to put this beautiful winter photo by Pat from Photogenic Gallery


  1. love this, Annette, and I can vouch for how lovely Angela's notebooks are, I use mine to keep track of business mileage and it really makes me want to write out everything very neatly...

  2. Thank You!!
    I love this post and your whole blog, it's fantastic!

  3. Annette thanks for including me in this gorgeous selection. Thanks also to Betsy for your customer testimonial ;-) Glad you like your notebook :-)

  4. oh i would love to have the little pony! it is adorable! thanks annette for wee words of inspiration!