Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grouping Busyness......

Loving this simple yet intricately detailed painting of Mr and Mrs Cardinal by Cynthia from CynArt!

and I would envisage displaying it on a white walled background for maximum impact

and because I love my art to make a real statement I would make a mini display around it - just like walking past your very own MoMA exhibition - and why not?

who says you can't have mini exhibits in your own home - I do! I have rather a few of them infact

so I would have a scattering of these gorgeous wood spools from Debra of Reminiscence Papers, underneath Mr and Mrs on an old wooden side table

and behind those spools I would have some of these beautiful tactile metal pots by Paula from Paula Art,

I'm seeing some of my watercolour brushes in one of them, my wooden pencil collection in another and the third one?

hmmm, what could I put in there?

maybe some of my twigs (yes, I have a small twig collection too!) and the twigs would highlight those in Cythia's painting very nicely!

and because humour is essential, especially when a congregation of busyness is concerned,

a little smile will go to show that you don't take yourself too seriously -

so I would be having this little mister by Debra from Reminiscence Papers infront of my whole display,
sitting nicely atop his vintage brass printers type thoughts of action!
because as any rabbit caregiver knows - they can sleep longer than cats, play feistier than most dogs, and will hop only when they feel like it!
(and that made me smile when I saw it! :)


  1. Brilliant, you ARE the Blog Master.

  2. Wow Annette -- thanks so much! What a wonderful post, and I totally agree about the mini exhibits! In fact, I have quite a wonderful exhibit of beautiful metal pieces by PaulaArt.

  3. Too cool Annette - my little bunny would feel right at home with you, I'm sure. Thanks!

  4. i like ur sense, your style and your words :) thanks for including me with these other great shop peeps!