Friday, January 13, 2012

'think different' our team motto

One good thing about being an artist on etsy is that you can find a team that suits you down to a T where the team motto goes hand in hand with your approach to art.

I think that Paula from etsy shops Industrial Habitat, Industrial Bloom and Paula Art is spot on with 'thinking different' and I am always amazed by her work and artistic insights

such as this Industrial photograph of debris on drainage pipes in Vermont!
I just love those colours and texture
and this professionally laminated photo would look just as superb inside your home, as it does on a wall outside! what a novel and beautiful way to present this art work!

infact I love Paula's work so much that I already own 2 small pieces!
I have 2 unique and tactile redwood assemblages and I was also fortunate enough to win one of Paula's original art photo assemblages which I thought looked just like hares dancing!
(I have yet to blog about them, life got in the way last year, but it is on my list for this year :)

I love Paula's style which to me is a simple (uncluttered) yet strong statement in all of her creations.
She lets the imperfect beauty of each piece speak directly to you, unashamedly flaunting it as a coveted asset.

Such a beautiful black flower!
and again - perfect either inside or out!

ofcourse if you choose to display your blooms inside then using one of Paula's recycled and finished industrial pipe vases is essential.
The scratched paint and rust on each one is such a perfect touch that only time and nature could produce.

and there is a great choice of flowers available, like any well stocked florist!

Blue petals perhaps?

Paula uses found objects to make her flowers and this is the most perfect use I have ever seen for a faucet!

Now whether your blooms are inside or out, it is always nice to appreciate an object in candle light.
It lends an air of introspection and rewards the collector a considered moment with their prize as the eye moves slowly over the shadowed form.
I light my candles every evening and they add so much atmosphere to my tiny flat.

I really love this blue candle holder above, another piece of industrial reclaimed functional art!

This is truly thinking different and totally outside the box and this is the reason I love Paula's work so much!

and if you like quantity as well as quality then a few of these tea light holders will do the job of being fantastic just fine!
Could anything imperfect ever be so perfect? I think not!

Now the good thing about being on a team with artists who push the envelope in their thinking and designs is that ideas will come easier to you, inspiration will flow freely and when you see found items all lined up in a row - like these 3 pistons - you will probably have envisioned them doing something interesting, somewhere, in your right-sided-brain.
... perhaps some type of steampunk wet room towel rail holder?
maybe even grouped standing on your coffee table in a circle as a silent triumvirate object d'art?

and ofcourse, let's think different with this couple of industrial metal bridges?

swing open garage door handles?
the serious entry point to your wine cellar?
perhaps you would like to attach them to a piece of furniture as a statement piece?
or steampunk again - towel holders for your wet room?

and ofcourse, if you have a hamster - well - every hamster needs a sturdy but rusty metal bridge to cross at least once a day (sure beats those plastic ones, and hamsters are so not into plastic didn't you know?)

... just Think Different!

thank you Paula for your beautiful art and conceptions :)


  1. Paula is as one of a kind as her work! And what a wonderful collection and commentary on her art, Annette! Thank you!

  2. What a pleasure it is, a great read about a good friend by a good friend !!
    Wonderful, Ladies !

  3. wow!!!! you blew me away with this surprise post on all my shops annette, thank you!!!!

  4. So good to discover new things of good friends.
    Thank you Annette!

  5. many thanks Ladies :)
    totally love Paula's work! and if I was closer (em, not on the other side of the big pond) then I would be hoping to have a cup of tea with Paula too!