Friday, January 6, 2012

it's the new year - turn over a ....

new leaf! or two ...

and treat yourself to a beautiful pair of botanical earrings by TundraDear

Made any resolutions this year?

Usually I hear people lament about the things they have to give up, and when I was at the gym the other day speaking with one of the boys about this, he said to me that you never hear people say they have to do more of this or that. Yeah, I thought, when was the last time I heard someone say 'hey, my resolution this year is to eat more chocolate!'

so getting back to new leaves - these ones are chic recycled tin fronds by Nancy of LittleBlackRabbit - how groovy is that?

How about adorning yourself with earth friendly beauty this year?

and if it's just a single leaf you have turned this year, then wear it across your chest with this gorgeous single fern frond necklace by TundraDear

Resolutions should be affirmations of your love for life.
Keep them positive and you will enjoy doing them and love life more ....

small things like treat yourself to breakfast at that inviting cafe -

keep this print of a warm French cafe by Molly of SimplyPictures on your wall to remind yourself to eat out and treat out :)

and when you have one croissant too many, and squeeze down that half glass of oj - well, just remember to Relax!

infact - wear this cool 'relax' T by Jane from TheDogHouse when you are out for an eat treat and you will go home with a washboard stomach and a doggy bag instead (perhaps!)

have a great year!


  1. Annette, what a wonderful post!

    Ha ha, it reminds me of something to add to my resolutions for this year - I want to get my ears pierced again. For such gorgeous earrings like these!

    Thank you so much and a great year to all of you, too!

  2. A lovely start to the New Year Annette! Thanks for including my 'relax' T-shirt here ;-)