Saturday, January 28, 2012

Color My World

Color evokes many emotions, changes a mood or a feeling of a room from warmth, serenity, purity to sophistication.

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for bright, cheery colors. Somehow they make you feel happy with the world - how could you be sad and gloomy with these sweet little felted wool bowls by hold sitting on your table with all your treasures inside.

With Valentines Day close what a fun and romantic way to say "I love you" with these two little fabric lovebirds sitting on a bright green felt heart by Intres.

Can you imagine your little girl dancing around the house with these perfect ballet flat slippers by la la shoes in bright orange, yellow and orange. Happy feet I say!!

If you are like me I love to wrap gifts in classic brown kraft paper with brightly colored paper ribbons by PaperPhine, and I know the recipient will love it too.

So next time you are feeling a little down in the dumps and unhappy with the world - add a little cheery color and you will be smiling again in no time :)


  1. Oh - thanks so much for brightening up all our days!

  2. I enjoy so much working with colors and expressing my moods with them :) Thank you so much for this lovely article, Rae!

  3. This color is just what my gray day needed - beautiful job Rae

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