Saturday, November 1, 2014

About the Artist: Vaida's World

Vaida Petrikis
 felt artist, designer, photographer.
Vaida lives in the middle of Europe, in a small country near the Baltic Sea – in Lithuania. Felt came into her life in 2006, at first just as a hobby, but, step by step, this evolved into something else. It’s  now her passion and self-expression. She felts various shawls, ruffle scarfs, arm warmers, fingerless gloves, slippers, even dresses. She makes jewelry with handmade felt, various interior items from diverse materials, combining different techniques. Felt, metal, wood, stone, even photography - all in one. 
She loves diversity.

Vaida has a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Art’s History,  a Master’s degree in Applied Sociology and a  Master’s degree in Information Technologies plus seven-year studies at the Music school, she also studied at Textile Art school. All things she did and does in her life are closely related. It's a lifestyle. And art is an inherent part of her life.

Vaida lives in the very center of Kaunas and she loves it! Living there allows her  to feel the very essence of the city, to participate in its life, to be in it and… To maintain her  privacy at the same time.  For now she works in her family apartment - the felting takes place in her living room, however,  this year she will have a new studio in an old 19th century building in the main street of Kaunas, so if you ever go to Lithuania, you are welcome in her place!  Otherwise, Vaida's amazing work can be found through her two Etsy shops - VaidaPhoto  & Vart .

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