Sunday, November 30, 2014

About the Artist : Janet Mealha - BlueMagpieDesign - HANDMADE UNIQUE CERAMICS AND PAINTINGS

Janet studied ceramics and printmaking in Dundee,Scotland.
She now works near Lagos, which is a coastal town in Southern Portugal (next door to Spain!) and lives in a 200 year old farmhouse in the country about 6 km out of town.

Handmade Individual Ceramics , Jewelry And Other Artworks.

Janet started her Etsy shop at the end of 2011, it's been interesting seeing for her to see her work going to all corners of the world.  A much wider audience drops by her Etsy shop than visits to her "bricks and mortar " store.
 She works and lives in a very old farmhouse in the middle of a field, so lots of space to spread out her work, make a mess and play loud music without annoying the neighbours !

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