Sunday, November 23, 2014

About the Artist: Paula. From found objects to functional art

Paula is a self taught full time artist who lives and works in a small city in Texas. She has been making art since 2004. Paula loves giving useless junk a 2nd life. Found objects have a patina and a texture about them that is unique and intriguing. The unknown use or history of the objects is what excites her and commands her attention. It's like a game waiting to see what will fit with what and how to make it useful.

Paula's work station
Tea Light Candle Holders

Initially she began making wall art and was exhibiting in local Vermont Galleries. When she moved to Texas everything changed! In Texas the materials available to here were different, soon her PaulaArt shop was filled with utilitarian objects and so, when she started making flowers she opened the other shop so it could be filled with found object flowers - IndustrialBloom

Her days are spent looking for lost, tossed and abandoned objects. It always surprises her the things she finds when she rides her bike or walk on the roads, peering into dumpsters or visiting the small recycle/scrap yard within the confines of town. The flowers she makes are an expression of her delight and fascination with found objects, particularly the minutia that truly seems unusable and sometimes ugly. She loves how they enliven her own loft! They are like little animals wafting odd personalities.

Upcycled Found Object Clock


  1. I am so touched and happy to see this post, thank you, you did a terrific job!