Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About the Artist: atiliay by Olivia

Olivia is a designer and artist born and raised in Southern California with a background in fashion design. She is passionate about creating products that give back.
A thank you from The EEC, the first recipients of Cards For A Cards' proceeds!
atiliay was born out of a desire to create a way for everyone to easily spread the love!
It started out as a fundraising idea Olivia had for Valentine's Day 2013. That January and February, she spent many days and late nights stamping cards, hand writing messages, and hand addressing envelopes in order to make over 300 Valentine's Day cards. It was so amazing to see the support and enthusiasm for the project and through these efforts, together they raised enough funds to provide meals for 60 children at The Ebongalethu Educare Center in SA with nutritious food for over a year.

Olivia  knew she wanted to keep that project going. It also helped her reconnect with her love for visual arts and showed her a way to present her art while supporting various non-profits in the USA and across the world.

Proceeds from every item in her shop goes to help support the work of groups that are relieving hunger, fighting poverty, providing education, assisting our furry friends, and much more.

Through atiliay, Olivia hopes to make a lasting and meaningful impact through community, compassion, sustainability, and love.
Find her on:
[ Etsy] atiliay.etsy.com
[ instagram ] instagram.com/olivial902
[ pinterest ] pinterest.com/olivial902

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