Monday, November 10, 2014

About th Artist: Aroluna - Artisan Jewelry

                                                         Creating jewelry is Irene's reward.

She was young when she realized that her hands would be her tools. Transforming materials, fabric, leather and clay into something beautiful always thrilled her. She got hooked to metal, learning from two friends who are metal smiths, later attended jewelry school, and since then jewelry making became a great and pleasant aspect of her life.

She is the only maker of everything @ aroluna, needless to say the bench is what she loves most, and where she does her best to originate timeless adornments, often rustic and organic, sturdy but smooth, which will last for many a moon.

Her intention is to create perfectly wearable jewelry which bends and molds to the body in a comfortable way. She loves asymmetry, circular forms and making pieces that are sensual and bold, almost with lives of their own… you can feel their subtle weight, their sound, their touch.
 At present Irene is leaning towards wire in its many forms, using simple ancient techniques to achieve original work. She is also having great fun recycling her own material, gathering and transforming previously unfinished or set aside pieces and parts into new unique and amusing designs.
Irene's work is available @ aroluna  & lunamora

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