Saturday, April 7, 2012

make mine chocolate!

it was a starry, starry night under the constellation of the hare

and she had been wondering where her soulmate was ..

and in the other meadow, he had been wondering too, as he gazed up at the stars

time just seemed to be getting on, then she heard something from the foilage

and he noticed it too, because it wasn't the second hand - the watch was needing wound and had stopped ticking
and then - in an instant they saw each other - and it was love at first sight!

and after some lovin' later, along came the most precious gift of all - a nest full of kittens!

and in another part of the meadow a small fur of rabbits were filling their baskets and getting ready for Easter duties

this Easter make your rabbits chocolate - or etsy :)

have a good one!


  1. thanks Annette, happy easter to you too!

  2. Gorgeous post, thank you, Annette !

  3. This is so adorable and sweet, Annette! Thank you so much, and Happy Easter to you! :o)

  4. Adorable! Thank-you for including my Belgian Hare dress. Happy Easter x