Friday, April 6, 2012

Colour Me Good

as Chester put the finishing touches to the last egg he noticed a few blobs of left over colours,

so he pulled out some paper and

scratched out some air plants with his dew claws ...

then got a little more creative and

using his toe pads coloured in some nice petals and blossoms

then becoming more experimental he

daubed his tiny heart-shaped nose into the palette and made a Loving Tree

Cripes! that made him sneeze! and not to mention a very blue nose!

and last of all, to round things up, because painting does get tiring when you are dabbling all day,

he splashed out two pigeons because they are his favourite bird,

and he absolutely loves to watch them in the park, as they strut and coo and peck and flutter

..... and one day ....

a friendly one

will fly him around the city

for a breath-taking tour of the sights
(he's always wanted to fly, but never been brave enough to ask)

and Chester will paint her portrait in return, and maybe even a few of her eggs


  1. What a delightful fun post , thanks so much Anette for featuring my watercolors with my favorite etsy freinds
    I wish i had your writing skills :)

  2. Annette, this is so wonderful and sweet! Thank you so much for starting my weekend off with laughs and fun!

  3. Precious!such a pretty gathering ! :)

  4. Annette is always a fun read, thanks for another one, Annette!

  5. Great read and visual feast - super!