Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Best Art Studios2

        Up Above the Storm by Jamie Best

Step into the surreal world of Best Art Studios2 and you'll find the work of Mike and Jamie Best. Self described as "between darkness and wander", "robot art", "comic and pop art" among others, they will transport you into a different world, another dimension...

      Oh Not Again pop art print by Mike Best

The two share a studio space in their home which they describe as " small, dark and cramped, empty paint bottles litter every service, the walls are covered in doodles and child like finger paintings, the racks that dry their finished works are warped with age and the air is often frigid or down right cold." That's a great visual...

Robot Art by Mike Best

Just Another Dream by Jamie Best

Working side by side seems to spur the productivity of these two artists!

 Losing My Religion by Mike Best

You'll find prints as well as originals in Best Art Studios2 and Jamie does custom work as well.
Check them out, you'll be glad you did!


  1. I like their Best-work :) particularly I enjoy Jamie's fantasies and dreamy atmospheres. I can imagine them in full production, heat by movement, music loud, just creating :) Great feature!

  2. Your work is amazing and more amazing you are sharing the same studio ,