Saturday, December 17, 2011

this xmas unwrap a smile :)

this is my gorgeous print of Esme the brown bunny by my friend Pey, just above my work table here in my living room.
Infact if I reach up from my keyboard now I can touch the frame! (and do a little dusting at the same time!)

and below Esme is my gorgeous photo of a fawn by Jen McGuinness, another friend from etsy,

and beside that gentle fawn is my Forever Heart by Pey, dedicated to my first rescue rabbit Zai.
When I received my heart in the post and unwrapped it, I was so touched that I shed a few tears.

Esme is now available as an art block (canvas on a wooden frame) and I love this version also!
I really like the depth and the texture, and it compliments Pey's textured style of clay paintings!

All I can say,is that everytime I look up at my artwork - I smile :)


  1. pey's work is so amazing, touching and wonderful. i'm glad you have that, even though no 'author' name is showing up on this post.
    i have her work in my bedroom and its the first thing i see when i wake up and last thing when i go to bed...and another piece in my living area which makes me smile always.

  2. love this posting
    so great to see etsians collecting each others work!

    for me,
    first a day job
    second, collect art!

  3. wonderful to see the work "in action" at your place, Annette. I love Pey's style!

  4. yes, I love to collect other etsians art - that was my my post,
    and I will leave my name under them from now on :)
    I also have Paula's beautiful art in my home too ... watch this space :)

    The Leverets Nest

  5. Thank you, Annette, it was an honour to be collected by you !!
    xo Pey