Thursday, December 22, 2011

2 shopping days left - Don't Panic!!!!!!

I did my Christmas shopping online a while ago and it's all wrapped and ready for giving, (em, I only bought a few presents and made the rest).

I won't be braving the crowds in the mad xmas rush that seems to happen every year, but if you have no other choice then put the kettle on, set aside an hour of online time and take heart and read on ....

.... because I have a solution .....

a beautiful and precious gift for the lady in your life - Jasper and Pearl earrings by Betsy

surely a gift worth waiting for? I would wait for these!

a gorgeous watercolour of 4 cardinals for the animal lover by Yael!

this Cardinals print would look good warming up any hallway or dining area - chirping to welcome you home, and beady eyes to watch over you eating!

definitely worth waiting for? I think so!

and for the daughter of the house, how about a pair of flats to walk graciously about in, by Daria

stylish and comfortable - well worth the wait? I think so!

and for ultra chic home decoration how about this Cracklin Red vase by Paula

upcycled from industrial pipes, with rich texture and colours, this is one of a kind interior statement decor!
I would wait for this, for sure!

don't forget your best friend - sharing a cup of tea is extra special with them and getting just the right gift means that you really care - so go for this warm friendly Tea Time print by Montse

and tell your friend that her friendship means the world! surely worth the wait!

for the copious note-taker and scrap paper writerer ... how about this set of cool playing cards notebooks by Debra

for paper lovers there is no greater joy than a blank page and a covetable cover, and I am one, so I know the wait is worth it

for the woman who loves beauty and uniqueness - a shadow box with butterfly pendant and brooch necklace by Kathi

dual function in jewellery is pretty rare but for those that love choice it is irresistible.
I love choices and I love this - yes, I will definitely wait!

for the lover of beauty, how about this original mixed media collage The Day Before We Met by Kelly

artwork speaks volumes with just a glance and this evocative piece draws you in, to rest a little, to settle
that kind of soul relaxation is very precious in today's rushed world
I will wait for this treasure, for sure!

wear your heart on the end of your sleeve with this delicate and meaningful heart bracelet by Irene

and not just for ladies, but men too, I am seeing it layered with watches, wrap around straps and ornate cuffs, which will all set off it's delicate appearance and highlight it's simplicity all the more

worth waiting for? you bet your heart on it!

and last but not least, a restored 1874 Lionfish print by Maria

a little bit of knowledge goes a long way, so the perfect gift for the piscean in your life, or the water lover, who will appreciate the beauty of this ornate decorated fish along with it's deadly venom!

I would wait for this fish to grace my walls and wow my visitors!

... and like I mentioned up above, the wait is definitely worth it with these gifts
and because shipping is now too late for Christmas day delivery, how about printing out a little card that says something similar to the image I email my late-buyer etsy customers above?

... a lovely surprise is _ _ _ _ your way from _ _ _ _

because - a gift, after all, comes from the heart, and a day only lasts 24 hours, so better late than never

Happy Christmas, Happy late shopping!



  1. you are a sweetheart, merry christmas woman :)

  2. Great post! I wouldn't mind waiting :)


  3. You are a genious! :)))
    This is simply beautiful!! Thank you!

  4. Annette -- this is a beautiful array of choices-- thank you so much for including my piece! Best wishes to you for the holidays!

  5. bravo, annette! Always a delightful read! : )

  6. Oh you are the best anette, can i hire you for wirting my listing description?
    thank you so much for the wonderful post
    Merry Christmas , Yael

  7. This is fantastic, Annette! Great gifts are always worth waiting :)
    Thank you so much for the wonderful read!
    Happy Holidays, Daria

  8. Such beautiful gift ideas and a wonderful read!

  9. Fab idea Annette - almost makes me wish I didn't have my shopping done (wait, did I just say that?). Love your card.