Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Christmas, er, I mean ....

hmmm, I did mean that!

Happy Birthday Baby Hare Christmas!!,

and em, happy Christmas, happy Solstice, happy Midwinter and happy celebrations and yadda yadda and all that from In The Making Team on etsy!

Please meet baby hare Christmas.

A textile ornament of a baby hare to display fondly in your home.

Little Christmas came into the world against his mama’s will. She tried in vain to get him out the week before xmas, but on xmas eve the youngster was kicking and moving and she knew that he would be in the world within hours.
And a little while later in the late evening’s moonlight the baby was born, strong and healthy and hungry.
Thank goodness! because as all hare mama’s know, a hungry and demanding baby makes for a fit leveret.
Word got around the glade that a very special xmas baby had been born and soon he was being greeted by the other mama’s, who came with gifts, as is the hare tradition.
One brought an abundance of love, another gave happiness, then there was the gift of compassion and that of speed, and one of patience, and the last mama of all gave the gift of humour, because being born on xmas day and not having any other presents for a whole 364 days was a bit hard to endure by anyone, let alone a tiny hare.
Christmas’s mama thanked them all kindly and then dried off his forehead which was now rather wet with all the kisses he had received. He looked up at mama and smiled and she gave him a warm hug and said to him that presents were really over-rated anyway and he should never worry about material things because attributes and emotions are so much more valuable, and after half a day they never lose their novelty!
Well, when Christmas went visiting his friends and saw all their xmas presents he wasn’t so sure what mama really meant, because he had had so much fun playing with all the toys and he had been there for nearly the whole day.
Then as was leaving a few of the other babies laughed at him and with big smirks on their faces commented that they would be getting the same amount of presents again in a few months time on their birthdays, unlike him.
Christmas wasn’t too happy when he heard that and sulked all the way home. He decided that from now on he would have a birthday every day and a present a day too.
Then he had a little think and wondered if mama would have enough wrapping paper for all his many presents, and then he wondered where he would put them all because his room was rather small and he didn’t have too much spare space. And after a really hard think he decided that he only really wanted just a few special toys, not 365 of them, because that would be too many to play with.
So before he told mama about his new plan he decided to change his mind and just make do with one huge amount of presents once a year after all.
And because he was given a sense of humour he didn’t even mind if he got less presents than any of the other babies, because appreciating a single gift was much more important than gloating over a huge pile of them.
He could always go and play with their toys he thought. Yes, that sounded good to him and he smiled a little smile to himself.

Christmas is looking forward to snoozing warmly on your armchair. He would like the window open a little please as mama will be coming by every day to see him and he will be going out to play with his friends. Well, er, his friends’ toys, let’s get the facts straight there!
And he may even bring back a few toys every now and again, especially the ones that they get bored with after half a day of playing because they have too many toys already, and what with a birthday a few months after xmas and a new batch of toys, it means that there will always be boring toys at the bottom of the toy box that have lost their novelty.
Christmas has a small collection of interesting toys that have the label ‘boring’ on them, and wants you to know that he isn’t bored by them in the slightest, because after a year of playing they merely become worn out, not boring.
Infact he would be grateful to have a rummage in the bottom of your toy box to see what you label as boring.
You never know, you could be the same as his friends – always wanting bigger and better and faster and newer ….. My, my, he will be a lucky hare this xmas!

Have a great Christmas everyone! travel safe, eat well, be kind to the twins, don't argue too much with the rellies and drink in moderation (if there is ice on the paths)!


  1. I second that, thank you. Annette.
    Happy Birthday, Christmas.