Saturday, September 24, 2011

the Real Studio Managers - 6. Emma, Porter and the feathers

This is part 6 of a series showing the REAL managers behind the artists of the In the Making team on etsy

Please meet IMteam member Debra from Debra Glanz and Reminiscence Papers with her 24 studio managers keeping her more than busy ..

however beagle Emma sees things a little differently ....

not long after young Emma came to stay and put Porter in his place (he makes quite a nice step!), she decided that Debra needed only one main manager - the rest would be put in their place

yup! says Emma, I mean - what can 6 chickens do better than me? just look at them - all over the place, scatter brains!

surely you can see by my calm, serious demeanour that I mean business?

and besides, Debra said she likes to hear the chickens and quail from her studio as she works so I make sure they produce some noise - works best when I make them move fast ...

and Debra likes to have eggs for breakfast.
Plus those spare feathers could find a spot in her etsy shop, I've been keeping my eyes open for interesting bits to fill it up with, I've seen what she has in there.

and there are 16 of these tiny feathered balls getting under my paws all the time!

but they do make nice noises too, especially when I make them move fast as well ...

and talk about egg production!
these are the only 2 eggs they have ever produced and it took a month for them to arrive! they aren't even paved in gold
just as well Debra is not selling eggs from her shop

sure is hard work making those feather-heads cluck!
zzzzzz ....

oh! I forgot, this one has to be herded as well, but there is less clucking coming from it.
... say! don't those arms look like the ones in Debra's shop? hmmmm

well, that was a tiring day, and I didn't even get a nibble of the omlette!

Hey Porter! don't hog the whole bed - I'm the one who's been working all day ... zzzzzzz

Same time next month - meet more of the REAL managers doing REAL work!


  1. Too precious........ You've got a princess in the making there or has she already been crowned Queen Emma....... she is too adorable. Debra.
    How do you get any work done ?!
    Glad Porter is taking it in stride or is he ?
    Annette, you've done it again, Bravo !!
    Thanks for sharing, ladies.

  2. thanks Pey!
    isn't Emma so precious! and I can see that she loves young Mattias! and Debra told me that Mattias gets to climb all over Porter and he wags his tail non stop :)
    cuteness abounds!!

  3. Yes, Mattias loves the dogs - but Emma does feel that he is commanding way too much attention, She prefers that all attention in this house is directed toward her! Porter is the strong, silent (and long-suffering) type.

  4. Debra, Emma is adorable!!! You keep great company! Annette, another brilliant post and I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)

  5. Fantastic Annette! I wish you did these on a weekly basis! Debra, I finally got to see Mattias and it's good to see he's being managed as well by a pro!
    Totally made my day. Thanks you guys!

  6. Gorgeous. Love the one of Emma leaning on Porter. Typical labrador - so chilled out :-)

  7. Annette!! these posts are the Best! I enjoy them so much! Thank you!
    Debra, precious animals! you have fun!!! :))