Friday, September 23, 2011


Spring has just arrived in the South! Warmer days to swim in the beach, lovely flowers all over, the scent of roses of the soap, so delicious! Even the baby hare decided to get dressed in pink roses printed cotton!

Time to dress our homes with beautiful colors and enjoy the prettiest season of the year!!

Get inspired with these lovely items from IMTEAM members!

Top row from left to right:  Linnea Heide; The Joy of Color
Bottom row from left to right: Olive and Oud; Dragon House of Yuen


  1. ok, I'm ready to head to the southern hemisphere!

  2. In Texas we a just dying for a real Fall and some badly needed rain.

    Fresh looks above--bravo.

  3. You are all invited to the southern hemisphere :)

  4. Me too, Betsy! Let's have a field trip! :)