Monday, September 19, 2011

Colourful Existence

IMTeam Colour Agenda

August 29th, Think Pink Monday
August 30th, Mellow Yellow Tuesday
August 31th, See Green Wednesday
September 1st, Violet Thursday
September 2nd, Coppertone Friday
September 3rd, Fade to Black Saturday
September 4th, Scarlet Sunday
September 5th, Celadon Monday
September 6th, Rusty Tueday
September 7th, Teal Wednesday
September 8th, Mocha Thursday
September 9th, Saffron Friday
September 10th, Cedar Saturday
September 11th, Crimson Sunday
September 12th, Navy Monday
September 13th, Bubble Gum Tuesday
September 14th, Eggplant Wednesday
September 15th, Precious Metal Thursday
September 16th, Nougat Friday
September 17th, Orchid Hush Saturday
more to come...... stay tuned.


  1. how cool...our own calendar ;) thank you!

  2. thanks Paula.
    Just wish I could make it focus on this page and not just after you click on it.

  3. looks cool when you see them all together!