Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spotlight on FoFum

This month's Spotlight interview is on Jane Harrison, the creative mind behind FoFum. I asked Jane to tell us a little bit about herself and her work...

Tell me something about where you live and your family if you wish.

I grew up in the eastern part of North Carolina, not too far from the beach. Now I live in the mountains in a community called Happy Valley. My two children are grown and living nearby, which also makes me happy. Living with me are Tooksie and Sadie the dogs and Marilyn and Udna the cats. Our favorite days are those when the windows and doors to my studio stay open, the music is up high, and the animals are in and out while I work.

                                                                         Jane's studio
What led you to your craft, have you worked in other mediums prior to this?

Well, I knew early in life I would be an artist, and I have been painting most of my life. After being a professional painter for a while, I went back to school to get my MFA in drawing and painting. It was at East Carolina University School of Art where I befriended the metals folk, and would sneak into their studio space occasionally to experiment.

                                                         Some of Jane's beautiful encaustics
Have you had formal training in your field, or are you self-taught?

I have not had formal training in metals, but I have benefitted from the expertise of some wonderful metal artists. I go to Penland School of Crafts as often as possible for additional study. This year I was in an enameled book class. Wonderful! And yes a small kiln is being added to my studio. My learning style with the metals has been just to follow the path that pops up rather than follow a linear curriculum. I have been very influenced by several artists working with found objects and tin. One of the previous Penland workshops taught me cold connection techniques I use to put my work together. My relationships with the East Carolina University Metals Department and the Penland community of artists keep me nurtured.
                                                                   bracelets and necklace
Can you explain a little bit about your technique?

I am intrigued by the serendipitous patterns and designs that occur when seemingly random but similar objects are juxtaposed. My process begins at the flea market and antique store with the search for the cheap, damaged and unwanted treasure. In studio, I focus on color relationships, using vintage tin. The technique is metal collage, and I fasten these collages together with various cold connections. The shapes I gravitate towards are organic free forms.
                                                                    Heart pendant
In what ways do you market your work?

Etsy has proven to be a great place for me to market work. The flexibility enables me to list work as I make it at my own pace and the transactions are super easy to manage. I do have a few galleries who show my work on a regular basis also.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not in the studio?

I love getting together with my family for trips and excursions. We enjoy the bluegrass music so readily available in this area of the country. I go dip my toes in the Atlantic Ocean when I can. I ride, hike and picnic along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I like having a houseful of guests and cooking good food. Not much beats a good, productive day in the studio however.

You can see more of Jane's work at
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  1. Always great to learn a bit more about the artist behind the beautiful creations. Thanks so much for taking time out of your work day to share a bit about yourself with all of us. :)

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    Jane, your life sounds like my kind of paradise ! Thanks for sharing.

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