Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ideas for Fall Fashion, Design and Colors for 2011

Hi Everyone my name is Jen and I am the designer at the Itty Bitty Bag Company.

This is my first blog post for the team. My plan is to post at the beginning of each month with either a fashion story or a tutorial. My goal is to help spur ideas and this seems to be something that is a very popular search term. I welcome comments and feedback to help shape the content of my posts.

Now that the housekeeping is done...

Fall Fashion, Design & Color for 2011

Whether your craft is Fashion, Design, Cosmetics or Fine Art there will always be a color pallet that is used throughout the industry to create beautiful articles, front pages of Etsy, or just what the general population is buying and searching for.

Be on the lookout for the following fall 2011 ideas.

First and one of my own personal favorites is pale colors with pops of brights. These will work great on handbags, accessories, fine art prints or even interior designs that might include accent pillows. Keep this in mind when you are photographing as well.

Charcoal grey (gray) was definitely a theme with some of the big design powerhouses. The overwhelming color that was an accent with neon. Oh my!! Though this is a bit much for my taste, perhaps a fuchsia pink might give it the same level of pop.

The color themes for fall might includes shades of Emerald Green, vivid blue, or graphic black and white. Geometric seems to be a recurring theme that includes a houndstooth or bold stripes. You might see some switch up with the colors of Indigo and Black.

Exotic skins like snake will also take the stage, these will include lush colors and golden accents.

On the golden tones...yellow was still a very popular interior design color and autumn colors including very deep oranges and yellows will continue to be front stage.

I wanted to try to include some of these themes into a team treasury to give you a better sense of these design ideas.


My best, Jen
The Itty Bitty Bag Company
twitter: ittybittybag


  1. thanks for this Jen, it's always good to know as we think about designing our products, and I really appreciate that you've gone and done all the research for us!

  2. Thanks. I love yellow and I am looking forward to wearing more of it this fall.

  3. Thanks for the update Jen. Some great pointers to keep us all on trend this Autumn! Love your treasury - yellow & grey is one of my favourite colour combos. Thanks for including my tote bag ;-)

  4. a very good analysis Jen! many thanks!

  5. A wonderful post Jen, and very helpful! Thanks so much for sharing. You've really captured the essence of this Fall's Design and Color in your collection too! Thank you so much for including "Always by Your Side" from my LightheartedDreamer shop! :o)

  6. Great post Jen! Thanks so much for sharing. Nice collection, love the colors. I really appreciate the feature too.

  7. I really adore all those golden hues, and the charcoal gray is my absolute favorite! I just can't get over it ;-) Thanks for the wonderful feature, Jen!

  8. Great post, Jen, looking forward to your next installment !

  9. nice to "meet" you jen ..the golden ideas are so inspiring

  10. scrumptious, thank you for including me!

  11. Love this post! I'm looking forward to read more from you Jen!
    I always perceive the yellow-gray combo as classy but still fun. From what you wrote, it seems the perfect time for me to make a design that was waiting in a drawer for a bit - thank you! :)


  12. Great post. We are thrilled to be included here. Thanks so much for this.