Thursday, August 18, 2011

the Real Studio Managers - 5. Flores

This is part 5 of a series showing the REAL managers behind the artists of the In the Making team on etsy

Please meet IMteam leader Betsy from etsy shop BetsyBensen with her studio manager Flores.

Flores came to live with Betsy when he was 8 weeks old, as a Guide Dog for the Blind puppy who would be raised for 12 months before being handed back to them, but one look at the state of Betsy's work bench and he knew that his calling in life lay in her studio instead!

'cripes! look at all the stuff on there - how on earth can you see anything?! I'll help you manage it!'

so, er, let's start with a smile - can't do work without a smile first?

then when Betsy is having a hard day with all those bits of metal and stones and what-nots and feels like the, em, imps are taking over, I make sure to remind her to keep things in perspective - after all - how tiny are the imps? I've never seen one?

and when Betsy needs to relax and refocus her eyes then I like to add a bit of fun in the mix ...

Yes, that is a half chewed little creature!

...... er, just joking! it's only a toy! ha ha! had you going there ....!

however I wasn't so keen on the tongue sticking out of this tiny dog head so I made sure to chew it off.

Besides, poking your tongue out is rude! didn't anyone ever tell you?

anyway, time to stretch our legs - c'mon Betsy, let's have a splash!

I'll throw, you fetch? or, perhaps we could try the other way around? that water is a little chilly!

and after a hard day managing Betsy at her work bench I like nothing better than to get a little R&R myself!
(won't be trying to eat this one, it's too big!)

Hey! put the light out, I need some rest!

....... Same time next month - meet more of the REAL managers doing REAL work!


  1. Annette, you have an uncanny way of getting into the heads of our studio managers! I'm thinking you were something furry in a past life... Flores now feels like I should appreciate him a little bit more, oh, and give him a raise, maybe an extra biscuit a day...
    Thanks for the chuckle my friend!

  2. Oh, He sure deserves a raise, what a nice looking and accommodating fellow he is, how on earth do you get any work done, Betsy, I'd be out with him all the time !!

    Great job once again, Annette, thank you for this good read !

  3. ha ha Betsy! I do believe I must have been :) growwwrrr .... (?!)

    and yes, an extra biscuit or 2 sounds a treat!!

    thanks Pey :) always my pleasure

  4. Don't you think Flores & Porter would make quite a pair? Emma would be so jealous! Yes, I think extra treats are in order.

  5. hahaha Adorable! Love this, I call "Luna" my cat my shipping manager. She oversees everything in the shop. This is a great post, thanks for sharing.

  6. What an adorable manager Flores is Betsy! And I agree, for doing all he does, a raise is in order. What a busy little fellow! That picture of him with the silly teeth had me laughing out loud! Too cute! Wonderful post Annette! Thanks for the morning laughs Annette and Betsy!

  7. I Love these posts!!!
    and flores! wow such a handsome dog!

  8. Betsy, what a beautiful boy!!! I love his smile. :) Great post Annette!!

  9. He is one good-lookin' boy, and no doubt indispensable help to his mama! Loved it!

  10. He is so precious! I'm glad Flores realized his calling life so early too.

  11. So cute!!! I love this wonderful guy!!
    Kiyomi from Koide Studio

  12. Oh my god!! this manager is very handsome! lol What a cutie! Love these posts :)